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Targeted Call for Research into End of Life Care

Applications open in Sapphire
02 Sep 2020
Submit Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) form


16 Sep 2020
Minimum data requirements in Sapphire


14 Oct 2020
Applicants that miss this deadline will not be able to submit an application to the NHMRC
Final application in Sapphire, Certification form


07 Oct 2020

Email DU Certification form(s) to Deakin NHMRC Submissions

O - Optional / M - Mandatory


Targeted Call for Research into End of Life Care

The intended aims of this TCR are to identify best practice approaches to end of life care that are meaningful for patients, families and carers and coordinated within, and sustainable for, the health system.

The objectives of the EOLC TCR are to:

  • understand how to provide high quality, evidence based end of life care, in an environment that is person-centred, recognising, accommodating and respecting the preferences and values of patients, their families and carers
  • increase the awareness of patients, families, carers and the community of the options, preferences and ethics for end of life care
  • identify best practice support and training for carers, families and health/allied health professionals
  • support the development of end of life care models which are systematic, integrated, flexible, culturally safe, appropriate according to need, and sustainable
  • use data and evidence for service development, monitoring and quality assurance.

The EOLC TCR will not support:

  • research based entirely overseas
  • proposals that focus on voluntary assisted dying and/or euthanasia
  • studies that involve animal or in vitro work.

How to apply

  1. Submit a Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) (DOC, 18.2KB) form by email to Deakin Research - Grants
  2. Liaise with your faculty/SRC.
  3. Read the Grant Guidelines (Refer to NHMRC scheme webpages and GrantConnect).
  4. Commence your online application in the NHMRC's Sapphire System.
  5. Work with your DR-Grants Case Manager.
  6. Organise relevant Deakin Certification form.
  7. Final application must be on Sapphire by Final application due date: email certification form & all uploaded documents to Deakin NHMRC Submissions
  8. Please note that minimum data requirements must be met on Sapphire by the NHMRC deadline. Applications that miss this deadline will not be able to submit an application to the NHMRC.


NHMRC documents

Please check specific NHMRC scheme webpages for Grant Guidelines, Proposal Templates and Peer Review information.

Applicants will need to register and log into GrantConnect to download the applicable documentation.

Targeted Call for Research into End of Life Care; Click on GO Documents in GrantConnect

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