ARC funding

Internal submission dates

Scheme NOIS Final Application for
compliance check
Request not to Assess
Future Fellowships 20259 July 20243 October 2024 10 October 2024
Industry Fellowships Early Career IE2512 July 202415 October 202422 October 2024
Industry Fellowships Mid-career IM2512 July 202415 October 202422 October 2024
Industry Fellowships Laureate IL2512 July 202415 October 202422 October 2024

Linkage Projects 2024  

(Round 2)

17 July 2024

20 August 202427 August 2024
Industrial Transformation Research Program 202526 July 202429 October 2024 5 November 2024 
Discovery Projects 2026 13 August 2024(EOI) 14 November 202419 November 2024
Discovery Indigenous 202620 October 202423 January 202530 January 2025
DECRA Fellowships 202618 November 202418 February 2025 26 February 2025 
Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities 20269 December 202412 March 202519 March 2025
Laureate Fellowships (FL) 2025CLOSED4 September 202411 September 2024 
Centre of Excellence 2026CLOSEDDR grants will contact applicants individually re EoI process        (EOI) 26 August 2024

*Participating in a Not Deakin-led grant application?

PVCR approval is now required for all Not Deakin-led grant applications. Guidelines and request forms can be found on the Research Sharepoint Page.

ARC National Interest Test Statement

The National Interest Test (NIT) Statement is a standalone statement to demonstrate societal benefits of the proposed research beyond the academic community. The NIT statement is one of four areas of assessment considered when recommending applications for funding. An application whose NIT Statement does not pass the 'test' will not be recommended for funding. It is vital that all ARC applicants spend time to ensure that their NIT statement will meet the key consideration as set out by the ARC. Find out more about the NIT statement.