Discovery Projects

Status: DP23

Internal deadlines

ADRs / IFM / IISRI / A2I2 Director to send list of supported applicants to DR GrantsMWednesday 6th October 2021
Email to Deakin Research Grants
Booking system opens for compliance sessionsMTBC, Late November 2021
DP23 scheme opens in RMSN/AWednesday 10 November 2021
Final application submitted to Research Office via RMS M TBC, Approx. Wednesday 19 January 2022
Certification forms M Thursday 27 January 2022
Email to Deakin Research Grants
Request Not to Assess O


Wednesday 2 February 2022
Submit to research office in RMS

O - Optional / M - Mandatory


The Discovery Projects scheme objectives are to:

  1. support excellent basic and applied research and research training by individuals and teams;
  2. support national and international research collaboration; and
  3. enhance the scale and focus of research in Australian Government priority areas.

The intended outcomes of the Discovery Projects scheme are:

  1. expanded knowledge base and research capacity in Australia; and
  2. economic, commercial, environmental, social and/or cultural benefits for Australia.

How to apply

  1. If you intend to apply for DP23, please contact your Faculty/Institute/School Research Office at your earliest opportunity to discuss your application. They will advise you of their internal process.
  2. If your Faculty/Institute supports your application, DR Grants will liaise with you directly regarding the University process.

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