Early Career Industry Fellowships 2024

Status: Open for nomination

Internal timelines


Supported Nomination Form due to Research Office from Faculty/InsituteMWednesday 23rd August 2023
IE24  scheme opens in RMSn/aWednesday 6th September 2023
Final application submitted to Research Office via RMSMWednesday 4th October 2023
Request not to assess due to ROOTBC


Overview - based on Industry Fellowships Program (IFP) Grant Guidelines

The Industry Fellowship Program (IFP) is funded under the ARC's Linkage Program. The primary goal of the IFP is to create a pathway to support academic researchers in establishing careers in industry, and industry-based researcher to work in university settings, with the aim of increased two-way mobility and skill building in research collaboration, translation and commercialisation.

Early Career Industry Fellowships:

  • develop the industry collaboration skills of early career researchers;
  • support early career researchers to achieve translatable and/or commercialisable outcomes.

Funding amounts

Up to 50 Early Career Industry Fellowships may be awarded.
Salary and Salary related on-costs of $109,079* per year for 1-3 consecutive years.

Projects costs up to $150,000* may be requested over the duration of the grant.

*Salary and Project costs for IE24 TBC.

How to apply

  1. Read the Grant Guidelines, Instructions to Applicants and FAQ's
  2. Intending applicants should contact Deakin Research – Innovations to discuss their application and their potential Key Industry partner.
  3. Liaise with your mentor and complete the Nomination Form.
  4. Forward the Nomination Form to your Host Head of School or Department / SRIC or Institute Director AND your Host Faculty Associate Dean (Research) or Director of IFM / IISRI / A2I2
  5. Faculty / IFM / IISRI/ A2I2 to send supported Nomination Forms to DR Grants by TBC
  6. Applicants will receive further information on the next steps in the process from DR Grants
  7. Applicants to commence application in the ARC Research Management System – RMS. IE24 will open in RMS on Wednesday 6th September 2023
  8. Use the Deakin University templates provided below and liaise with the DR-Grants ARC team as necessary
  9. Provide the Partner Pack to your Partner Organisations (PO). Your Deakin Research Innovations Manager can assist with questions from PO
  10. Complete submission of your application via RMS to the Research Office for compliance checking by the date selected via Event-brite booking (compliance checking commencing TBC)

Documents and information

The ARC will no longer publish scheme specific documentation on its website, but will make these available through GrantConnect. Links to scheme specific documents can be found below.

ARC documents, templates, forms and tools

The ARC will no longer publish scheme specific documents on its website, but will make these available through GrantConnect. Links to scheme specific documents can be found below.

Policies and Strategies can still be found on the ARC website.

ARC Documents

Industry Fellowship Grant Guidelines

Instructions to Applicants (IE24)

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs (IE24)

Sample form

DRAFT ARC Funding Agreement IFP 2024

Letter of Industry Partner Organisation Certification

ARC Policies

Templates, forms and tools

Templates, certification forms and other resources are available below, or will be made available as relevant information is released by the ARC.

  • Nomination form - Early career 2024
  • Templates:

  • D1 Assessment criteria
  • E5 CV
  • F2 Justification of ARC funding
  • F3 Details of non-ARC contributions
  • G3 Letter of Industry Partner Organisation Certification

Other Resources: