Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funding

Internal submission dates


Notice of Intent to Submit - for Deakin-led applications*

Research Data Infrastructure Grant (GO5758) 02 Nov 2022CLOSED23 Jan 2023
Joint Transnational Call Grant (GO5896)01 Dec 2022CLOSED25 Jan 2023
International Clinical Trial Collaborations - Round 2 (GO5512)30 Mar 2022CLOSED01 Feb 2023
Genomics Health Futures Mission  (GO5822)24 Oct 2022CLOSED01 Feb 2023
Assessment of High-Cost Gene Treatments and Digital Health Interventions (GO5815)24 Oct 2022CLOSED08 Feb 2023
Indigenous Health Research Grant (GO5832)02 Nov 2022CLOSED08 Feb 2023
Mental Health Research Grant (GO5915)08 Dec 2022CLOSED01 Mar 2023
Frontier Health and Medical Research - Round 1 EOI13 Feb 202317 Feb 202310 Mar 2023
Rapid Applied Research Translation (limits apply)
Deakin is eligible to submit a maximum of one Stream 1 application and/or one Stream 3 application
09 Jan 2023Please use this NOIS form
14 Apr 2023
Consumer-Led Research Grant (GO6029)08 Feb 202314 Mar 202324 May 2023
Maternal Health and Healthy Lifestyles (GO6022)08 Feb 202314 Mar 202324 May 2023
Chronic Respiratory Conditions (GO6024)08 Feb 202314 Mar 202324 May 2023
Early to Mid-Career Researchers - forecast on Grant Connect15 Feb 202321 Mar 202331 May 2023
Clinical Trials Activity (GO5887)14 Dec 202229 Mar 202307 Jun 2023
Frontier Health and Medical Research - Round 2 EOI13 Feb 202330 Jun 202309 Sep 2023
Primary Health Care (GO6034)08 Feb 202302 May 202312 Jul 2023

How to apply

  1. Contact your Faculty/Institute research office to register your intent to submit and determine their application development and review process. Applicants must work with their Faculty/Institute/SRC and School to develop a high calibre application
  2. Submit a Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) form by email to
  3. Faculty of Health applicants should also refer to the Faculty of Health Research Grant Portal for any additional Faculty requirements
  4. Read the MRFF Grant Guidelines and Peer Review Documents
  5. Plan and draft your grant proposal early. CIs should gather/update their individual Profile information on Sapphire
  6. New Sapphire users should register for a Sapphire account early. All CIs and AIs will require a Sapphire account
  7. Once the Grant Opportunity is open, commence your application on Sapphire
  8. Contact if you have any queries

*Participating in a Not Deakin-led grant application?

PVCR approval is now required for all Not Deakin-led grant applications. Guidelines and request forms can be found on the Research Sharepoint Page.