National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding

Internal submission dates

SCHEMENotice of Intent to Submit
- for Deakin-led applications*
Applications Open in Sapphire

Final Application to DR Grants

NHMRC-GACD 2024: Management of Multiple Long-term Conditions - 1st Stage21 Feb 2024 11 Feb 202417 Apr 2024
NHMRC IDEAS GRANTSFaculty of Health applicants:
Refer to FoH Research Grant Portal

Other Faculties/IFM applicants:
Approved NOIS due 15 Feb 2024
20 Mar 2024From 17 Apr 2024
Postgraduate Scholarships05 Mar 202410 Apr 202415 May 2024
Development Grants20 Mar 202417 Apr 202422 May 2024
NHMRC-JPIAMR 2024: IMPACT Grant 20 Feb 202410 Jan 2024 (JPIAMR portal) NHMRC application: 20 Jun 2024 
(invited applicants only)
Partnership Projects 2024 PRC215 May 202421 Mar 202410 Jul 2024
Partnership Projects 2024 PRC304 Sep 202425 Jul 202430 Oct 2024

How to apply

  1. Submit an online Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) form to DR Grants
  2. Contact your Faculty/Institute research office to determine their application development and review process. Applicants must work with their Faculty/Institute/SRIC and School to develop a high calibre application
  3. For major NHMRC schemes (i.e., CRE, Investigator, Synergy, Ideas and CTCS), please refer to your Faculty/Institute Research Office. Faculty of Health applicants should refer to the Faculty of Health Research Grant Portal
  4. Read the NHMRC Grant Guidelines and Peer Review Documents
  5. Plan and draft your grant proposal early. CIs should gather/update their individual Profile information on Sapphire
  6. New Sapphire users should register for a Sapphire account early. All CIs and AIs will require a Sapphire account
  7. Once the Grant Opportunity is open, commence your application on Sapphire
  8. Contact if you have any queries

*Participating in a Not Deakin-led grant application?

PVCR approval is now required for all Not Deakin-led grant applications. Guidelines and request forms can be found on the Research Sharepoint Page.