National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding

Internal submission dates

SCHEMENotice of Intent to Submit (NOIS)*Applications Open on Sapphire

Final Application to DR Grants

Investigator Grants (GO5390)CLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED
2022 Partnership Projects PRC 1 (GO5375)CLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED
GACD: A Life Course Approach to Common NCD Risk Factor Prevention and Reduction (GO5443)05 Apr 202230 Mar 202210 May 2022
Postgraduate ScholarshipsCLOSED13 Apr 202218 May 2022
Targeted Call for Research: Improving Indigenous maternal and child health in the early years (GO5465)01 Apr 202209 Mar 202218 May 2022
Development GrantsCLOSED20 Apr 202225 May 2022
NHMRC-EU Joint Programme -  Neurodegenerative Diseases (GO5370)04 May 202218 May 202208 Jun 2022
2022 Partnership Projects PRC 2 (GO5375)19 May 202224 Mar 202214 Jul 2022
Clinical Trials and Cohort StudiesContact your Faculty/IFM/IISRI/A2I2 Research Office for their deadline29 Jun 202227 Jul 2022
2022 Partnership Projects PRC 3 (GO5375)07 Sep 202228 Jul 202202 Nov 2022
NHMRC-CIHR Healthy Cities Implementation Science Team (GO4899)NHMRC will inform Deakin CI if CIHR stage 1 application was successful23 Feb 2022
(by NHMRC invitation only)
17 Jun 2022
* NOIS required for both Deakin and Not Deakin-led applications