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NHMRC-CIHR Healthy Cities Implementation Science Team Grant Scheme

Applications open in Sapphire
08 Nov 2021
Submit Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) form


04 Mar 2022

This is a Stage 2 application.

Only successful CIHR Stage 1 applicants who have been invited to submit a Stage 2 application are eligible to apply for NHMRC funding.

Minimum data requirements in Sapphire


Check if applicable
Final application in Sapphire, Certification form


08 Apr 2022

Email DU Certification form(s) to Deakin NHMRC Submissions

O - Optional / M - Mandatory


NHMRC-CIHR Healthy Cities Implementation Science Team Grant Scheme

The NHMRC-Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Healthy Cities Implementation Science (HCIS) Team Grant Scheme supports Australian participation in international collaborative research through the CIHR Healthy Cities Research Initiative.

Projects involving Australian researchers based in Australia that are deemed fundable by CIHR, may be eligible for NHMRC support.

Eligible Topics

The six HCIS thematic research areas are:

  • Healthcare Systems, Services and Policies
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Musculoskeletal Health, Mobility or Prevention (including skin and oral health)
  • Type 2 Diabetes Prevention
  • Urban Indigenous Health
  • Population and Public Health

Eligibility: Applications are only required to be submitted to NHMRC if you have been invited to submit a full application to CIHR.

How to apply

  1. Submit a Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) (DOC, 18.2KB) form by email to Deakin Research - Grants
  2. Liaise with your faculty/SRC.
  3. Read the Grant Guidelines (Refer to NHMRC scheme webpages and GrantConnect).
  4. Commence your online application in the NHMRC's Sapphire System.
  5. Work with your DR-Grants Case Manager.
  6. Organise relevant Deakin Certification form.
  7. Final application must be on Sapphire by Final application due date: email certification form & all uploaded documents to Deakin NHMRC Submissions
  8. Please note that minimum data requirements must be met on Sapphire by the NHMRC deadline. Applications that miss this deadline will not be able to submit an application to the NHMRC.


NHMRC documents

Please check specific NHMRC scheme webpages for Grant Guidelines, Proposal Templates and Peer Review information.

Applicants will need to register and log into GrantConnect to download the applicable documentation.

NHMRC-CIHR Health Cities Implementation Science Team Grant Scheme; Click on GO Documents in GrantConnect

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