Strategic and Leveraging Grants



Funding body

National Health and Medical Research Council

Internal deadlines

Faculties/IFM/IISRI to work with applicants to review, workshop and develop proposals M Deadlines vary depending on scheme.
Specific information on open schemes can be accessed via DR-Grants NHMRC Funding Calendar
Submit Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) form  M Email to Deakin Research Grants
Applications Open on new NHMRC Sapphire system

Final application on Sapphire and certification forms M

Complete application on Sapphire

Email snapshot reports and all uploaded documents to Deakin NHMRC Submissions

Email DU Certification forms and AI consents to Deakin NHMRC Submissions

O - Optional / M - Mandatory


The Strategic and Leveraging Grant stream includes grant schemes from the current grant program that address identified strategic and national priorities and support leveraged funding. These are:

  • Clinical Trial and Cohort Studies
  • Targeted Calls for Research
  • International collaborative schemes (eg. GACD, EU, NIH, NIHR)
  • Centres of Research Excellence
  • Development Grants
  • Partnership Projects
  • Partnership Centres
  • Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Other strategic initiatives (e.g. Boosting Dementia Research)

Limits may apply for each particular scheme but these grants are not capped relative to Investigator Grants, Ideas Grants and Synergy Grants

Find out more about Strategic and Leveraging Grants

For information on any currently open schemes, please visit our NHMRC Funding Calendar

How to apply

  1. Contact your Faculty/IFM/IISRI research office to register your intent to submit. Applicants must work with their Faculty/Institute/SRIC and/or School to develop a high calibre application
  2. Applicants approved to proceed by their Faculty/IFM/IISRI, must submit a Notice of Intent to Submit by email to Deakin Research Grants
  3. Plan and draft your grant proposal early; CIs should gather their individual CV information/updates.
  4. Read the Funding Rules and Instructions to Applicants.
  5. Commence your application on the NHMRC Sapphire system.
  6. Contact the DR-Grants NHMRC team if you have any queries.
  7. Organise relevant DU Certification form and AI consents.


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