Other funding

Other popular funding schemes

Deakin Research Grants Services

DR Grants Application Services include:

  • Compliance Checking applications against Scheme Guidelines
    • Checking to ensure your application meets any formatting requirements, documentation requirements e.g. application attachments), all application sections are completed and comply with stated limits, and any other eligibility requirements
  • Providing Institutional and Research Office details
  • Obtaining Deakin Research Official signatures for documentation, e.g.:
    • Letters of Support
    • Endorsement Forms
    • Application Declarations
  • Application Submission to Funding Bodies
    • Portal applications linked to University accounts (e.g. ARC RMS, NHMRC Sapphire, Heart Foundation)
    • Email submission where Guidelines require applications to be submitted by the Institutional Research Office

Please note, Deakin Research Grants does not assist with application preparation, application granstmanship development, or completion of University forms (e.g. Not-Deakin Led or Co-Investment forms). If you require assistance with the preparation or completion of your application or forms, please speak with your Faculty Research Office (scroll to 'Faculty Research' section), who will be able to provide support.

Notification Process

Unless specified, when you find an opportunity, please lodge a Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) (DOC, 43KB) as soon as possible (preferably 20 working days prior to the external deadline). A complete application and signed Grant Application Coversheet (DOC, 31KB) is required at least 10 working days prior to the external submission date for compliance check. All documents are to be sent via email to research-grants@deakin.edu.au.

These deadlines are strict, as we use application NOIS numbers to distribute workloads across our team. We require applications to be submitted 10 working days prior to the external deadline to allow sufficient time for a compliance check to be completed (please allow up to 5 business days for a compliance check to be completed), and to allow you to make any changes that may be required, prior to submission to the Funding Body. Late submission for compliance check is not acceptable, as workloads have already been distributed among our staff, and a late submission will impact their ability to complete a full compliance check of your application.

US Federal Government/National Institutes of Health (NIH) schemes

If you are intending to apply to a US Federal Government scheme you must advise the Grants team to ensure institutional compliance for the application. US Federal Government (including Defense) and NIH funding opportunities require a minimum of 3 months Notice of Intent to Submit, and application is required 20 working days prior to external submission date for compliance check.

In addition, US Federal Government/NIH applicants need to be aware of, and comply with, the Financial Conflicts of Interest requirements of the US Federal Public Health Service and the National Institutes of Health.

If you intend to apply for, or be involved in a National Institutes of Health (NIH) scheme, please visit our NIH Applications webpage for further information on processes and documentation.

Not Deakin-Led Process

PVCR approval is now required for all Not Deakin-Led applications^. Guidelines and request forms can be found on the Research Sharepoint Page.

  • For schemes with a two step application process (i.e. EOI and full application), please seek approval once you have been invited to submit a full application. Please ensure you discuss with the Lead Organisation/CI at the EOI stage the funding that will come to Deakin, to ensure you will meet the expectations listed in the Not Deakin-Led Guidelines.


Resources to assist you in completing your application and the Grant Application Coversheet can be found on our Research Support SharePoint page. This includes:

Research Classification Codes come from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Deakin University is required to report 6 digit codes for all research.

Open Opportunities

Deakin Research subscribes to Research Professional – a database that allows researchers to set up saved searches and email alerts for funding opportunities of direct relevance to them.  
Research Professional provides guidance sheets to help you establish your profile.  If you need additional support, please contact your faculty/institute Liaison Librarian.

The list below is intended as a guide to some of the more popular funding opportunities. There are many other awards.  Use Research Professional to find those relevant to your level of expertise and discipline.

NOIS due Funding Body and Scheme Complete application and signed coversheet
7 Feb

Australia Council for the Arts

Arts Projects for Organisations

21 Feb 2023
6 Feb 2023

Victoria Law Foundation

Community Legal Grants

20 Feb 2023
3 Feb 2023

Australia & Pacific Science Foundation

Project Grants

17 Feb 2023
3 Feb 2023

Hermon Slade Foundation

Project Grants

17 Feb 2023
2 Feb 2023

PKD Australia

Research Grants 2023

16 Feb 2023
1 Feb 2023

Office of National Intelligence

National Intelligence Postdoctoral Grants (NIPG)

15 Feb 2023
1 Feb 2023



Impact Research Grants

Interested applicants please submit NOIS to Joel Corban at DRI

15 Feb 2023

US Department of Defense
DARPA - Strategic Technology Office
Strategic Technology Office (STO)
Office-wide Synopsis 1

Interested applicants please contact Deakin Research Innovation team

DRI to advise applicants
31 Jan 2023

Victorian Fisheries Authority

Large grants programme - recreational fishing

14 Feb 2023
31 Jan 2023

James N Kirby Foundation

Small Grants

14 Feb 2023
19 Jan 2023Pfizer Global Hemophilia Grant Patient Education2 Feb 2023
18 Jan 2023


Post Graduate Grant

1 Feb 2023
12 Jan 2023Pfizer Global Medical Grants 2023
Growth Hormone Research
30 Jan 2023
9 Jan 2023Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Medical Research Foundation Grants 2023
Contact Research Grants for further information
23 Jan 2023
19 Dec 2022Pfizer Global Medical Grants
2023 Global Migraine ASPIRE
Letter of Intent
1 Feb 2023
19 Dec 2022Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation The Treat FTD Fund
Letter of Intent
13 Jan 2023
19 Dec 2022

Autism Speaks
Postdoctoral Fellowship

Letter of Intent

A webinar explaining the application process and answering questions will be offered January 6, 2023 at 1:00 PM Eastern time (5am 7 Jan Melbourne). Register HERE

12 Jan 2023
12 Dec 2022

Macular Disease Foundation Australia Research Grants Program

MDFA Research Grants - Grant Family Fund

17 Jan 2023

Continuous Opportunities

NOIS due Funding Body and Scheme Complete application and signed coversheet
ASAPJDRF Australia
Expressions of interest - Type 1 diabetes clinical trial proposals.
Funding decisions are announced twice yearly in April and December.
10 working days prior to external submission
ASAPVictorian Government Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) Nature Fund
Expressions of Interest
Stream 1 - General (requires matched funding)
Stream 2 - Caring for Country
10 working days prior to external submission
ASAPPartnership for Clean Competition Grants Program
Pre-applications due 1 March, 1 July and 1 November each year
10 working days prior to external submission
ASAPGeorgina Sweet Travel Support for a Female Keynote Speaker in Quantitative Biomedical Science 10 working days prior to external submission