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ADI Professor awarded prestigious Future Fellowship

12 June 2017

A project conceived by Professor Tim Winter from the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI) has been awarded over 1 million dollars in nationally competitive research funding.

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Deakin maritime expert honoured with shipping industry award

7 December 2017

Deakin maritime expert Peter van Duyn took out the Maritime Services Award at the 2017 Australian Shipping and Maritime Industry Awards.

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New program lets students experience what STEMM has to offer

22 August 2017

A group of female Year 10 students spent a challenging and engaging five days at Deakin's Geelong campuses in a new STEMM work experience program.

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Showcasing the next generation of Deakin IT graduates

31 October 2017

An app to track pupil response to light and a secure online voting system; projects by Deakin's School of IT capstone students on display at Circuit '17.

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Passion for sustainable landscape architecture rewarded

7 November 2017

A book by Deakin landscape architect Joshua Zeunert has received national and state awards and been shortlisted for an international award.

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Women's Ride and bicycle training

7 March 2017

Deakin has partnered with the Whitehorse Council to run several events, including the Women's Ride on 25 March 2017, encouraging women to cycle.

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Fantastic finish to Deakin Elite Women's Road Race

31 January 2017

The Deakin Elite Women's Road Race came to a thrilling finish in Geelong over the weekend as Dutch rider Annemiek van Vleuten snagged victory in the 113.3km race.

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Deakin's Faculty of Health awarded for Excellence and Innovation in Public Health Teaching at CAPHIA awards

21 September 2016

Deakin's Faculty of Health awarded for Excellence and Innovation in Public Health Teaching at CAPHIA awards.

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Making the future safe

27 February 2017

Emily Grant is using her Deakin degree to make the future safe for young people in the Great South Coast region.

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Students shine at annual School of Health and Social Development Awards

8 August 2017

Deakin students and recent graduates were honoured for their hard work at the recent annual School of Health and Social Development Awards.

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#VacantGeelong project examines the links between architecture, art and community

14 October 2016

Taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate the history and community memories of Geelong's industrial buildings before they are adapted for new uses is the focus of a project by a team from Deakin University's School of Architecture and Built Environment and School of Communication and Creative Arts.

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Conference puts spotlight on connection between engineering and design

21 November 2016

Themes of technology, engineering and the creative arts will intersect at DesTech 2016, The International Conference on Design and Technology, from 5 - 8 December at Deakin University's Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus.

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Expo celebrates the now and then of engineering at Deakin

16 November 2016

Deakin University undergraduate engineering students presented their final year projects to an audience of industry partners, engineering advisory board members, alumni, staff, fellow students and other guests at the 2016 Engineering Expo at the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus in October.

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Deakin TreeMate project a hackathon success

1 November 2017

Team from Deakin's IDeEA lab achieves national success with mobile app encouraging users to connect with the environment.

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Deakin Business School partners with KPMG to foster Integrated Reporting research

5 October 2016

Deakin Business School's Department of Accounting is embarking on exciting developments in the area of Integrated Reporting.

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Networking on the menu at engineering dinner

26 September 2017

The Deakin Engineering Society's Annual Industry Dinner was a perfect combination of socialising and networking.

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International Ford scholarship for Deakin engineering student

26 September 2017

In July, Jordan Ritchie became the first Australian recipient of the Ford Motor Company’s Alan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship.

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Students help expanding abalone business

8 December 2016

Deakin aquatic science students from the Warrnambool Campus secure successful work placements in local abalone industry.

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Warrnambool Clinical School welcomes 100th graduate

27 January 2017

Deakin University's School of Medicine Clinical School at Warrnambool has welcomed its 100th junior doctor graduate as its local success continues.

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Deakin wins international digital transformation award

16 December 2016

Deakin University has won an award recognising its achievements in embracing the rapid pace of digital change. 

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