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Success stories for sea turtles

28 September 2017

New research points to signs of recovery in global sea turtle populations thanks to long-term conservation efforts.

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Guiding culturally-aware design

6 December 2016

Deakin researchers and students are helping to develop the world's first international Indigenous design charter.

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Village story reveals complexities of Stalin's Russia

4 October 2017

A study of soldiers' post-war battle to rebuild has provided insights about power in Stalin's Russia.

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ADI's Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh to chair the 2016 Future of Middle East conference

21 October 2016

ADI's Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh says it's time for Australia to step up and play role of honest broker in the future of the Middle East.

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Sixties lifestyle sets stage for healthy ageing

5 October 2017

Two academics are calling for a shift in awareness on 'pretirees,' who face a fork in the road - leading to either healthy ageing or chronic disease threats.

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ARC grant secures path to cyber privacy

3 October 2017

A Deakin team will draw on the latest in machine learning and data mining to improve Cloud security.

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Joint Deakin/University of Copenhagen PhD scholarships

11 October 2017

Applications are now open for five new joint PhD program scholarships between Deakin University and the University of Copenhagen's Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences.

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Funding boost for malaria and mental health research

11 October 2017

Researchers from CMMR and IMPACT have been awarded NHMRC Fellowships to further their work on new ways to treat two of the world's most taxing health issues

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Staying ahead of cybercrime

13 October 2017

With a new team at the helm, Deakin's Centre for Cyber Security Research is contributing to research to help protect Australians against cybercrime.

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Public Health makes 'World 100' in Shanghai Rankings

19 July 2017

The subject of Public Health at Deakin University has been ranked in the top 100 in one of the world's most prestigious international ranking systems.

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Interested in PhD or Masters by Research opportunities in 2018?

5 September 2017

Come along to the Higher Degrees by Research Information Session at the Burwood or Waurn Ponds Campus organised by Deakin's Graduate Research Academy.

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High-tech meets opera: perfect fit for surrealist classic

4 October 2016

Deakin and Opera Victoria have pushed the technological boundaries in an Australian premiere.

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Research partnership moves forward

28 September 2017

Deakin and India's Madras Diabetes Research Foundation are continuing their joint efforts to combat the global problem of diabetes.

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Boost for cyber security collaboration

2 May 2017

The awarding of a prestigious professorship will enhance cyber security research at Deakin.

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Fruitful study into new schizophrenia treatment

7 November 2016

A new clinical trial is investigating the potential of mangosteens to reduce schizophrenia symptoms.

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Health research makes an IMPACT

22 November 2015

Researchers in the IMPACT SRC have received a raft of awards in recent months.

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Destruction of Indigenous landscapes Iconoclasm, argues ADI researcher

12 October 2016

IS' destruction of cultural heritage in Iraq and Syria shocked the world but Dr Antonio Gonzalez Zarandona argues similar destruction has occurred to landscapes sacred to Australia's Indigenous populations it's just that it hasn't been articulated using the language of iconoclasm.

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Search of Communist archives uncovers discussion of toilet rolls, socks and Russian fears of invasion

14 March 2016

In a tech-savvy, Google connected world where most knowledge can be downloaded in an instant or captured in a three minute video, Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation’s, Dr Filip Slaveski’s latest research trip to Russia and the Ukraine would appear positively old school.

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DECRA awarded: The Chaotic Transition from War to Peace in Soviet-Occupied Europe

10 December 2015

Dr Slaveski has been awarded a three-year Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) to apply an innovative comparative methodology to the newly declassified Soviet archival data in order to compare the experiences of social collapse, famine and reconstruction across this region.

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