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Sports participation reduces fracture risk in older men: study

23 April 2018

Playing sport may help protect men over 60 from broken bones, according to new research.

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Agents of change in aged care

11 January 2017

A series of Deakin studies into depression and aged care illustrates how the application of research can make a real difference in people's lives.

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Encouraging social entrepreneurship

11 April 2018

Social enterprises in India have a new resource with the commissioning of the Deakin Centurion Centre for Social Entrepreneurs.

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Guiding culturally-aware design

6 December 2016

Deakin researchers and students are helping to develop the world's first international Indigenous design charter.

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The dark side of cooling

6 November 2017

The unintended consequences of refrigeration and freezing technology will be the topic of this year's Harrison Lecture, held as part of Barwon Health and Deakin University Research Week 2017.

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ADI's Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh to chair the 2016 Future of Middle East conference

21 October 2016

ADI's Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh says it's time for Australia to step up and play role of honest broker in the future of the Middle East.

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Bystander research guides Victoria's family violence strategy

9 April 2018

Deakin research on the effectiveness of bystander intervention is underpinning a new campaign to reduce Victoria's incidence of family violence.

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NHMRC grants support five new projects

5 December 2016

Deakin health research has received another funding boost.

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Virus discovery in Australian wild birds

17 April 2018

A GCEID team has discovered coronaviruses in Australia's wild birds, showing the nation is not as isolated from potentially serious host-jumping virus outbreaks as previously thought.

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When policy meets history

16 April 2018

If understanding history is necessary to avoid repeating past mistakes, what role do historians have to play in policymaking in a time of increasing international tension?

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Making science real for all children

18 April 2018

The Deakin Child Study Centre today launched new facilities to support its work in making a difference in the lives of children with neurodevelopmental challenges.

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Public Health makes 'World 100' in Shanghai Rankings

19 July 2017

The subject of Public Health at Deakin University has been ranked in the top 100 in one of the world's most prestigious international ranking systems.

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Insights of Western Victoria amongst 'Fusion's' digital treasures

8 February 2018

Online exhibitions are offering fascinating insights to special collections at the Deakin Library.

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Family violence and fire hazards: ADI's newest research projects

3 March 2018

ADI welcomes its two newest Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellows, Dr Diarmaid Harkin and Dr Timothy Neale.

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High-tech meets opera: perfect fit for surrealist classic

4 October 2016

Deakin and Opera Victoria have pushed the technological boundaries in an Australian premiere.

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'Tall Poppy' for Deakin ADHD researcher

10 November 2016

Dr Emma Sciberras has been honoured in this year's 'Young Tall Poppy' Science Awards.

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New honour for Deakin STEM hero

14 March 2018

ARC Laureate Fellow Alfred Deakin Professor Svetha Venkatesh has received another accolade for her pioneering work in pattern recognition and big and lean data.

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Adolescents' struggle: is a generation at risk?

26 March 2018

World-leading experts on child development are calling for global action to address risk factors and improve support for adolescents.

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Deakin celebrates: ARC Laureate Fellowship for Svetha Venkatesh

5 June 2017

Deakin has gained a new ARC Laureate Fellow, a new Industrial Transformation Research Hub and two new Future Fellows in the ARC Fellowships and projects announced today.

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Sensing a change

12 February 2018

New research has discovered how to overcome a major drawback in using microfluidic devices as a diagnostic tool.

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