Marketing psychology and human resource management psychology course information webinar

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Wednesday 2 June

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Curious about what makes the mind tick?

Combine your interest in business and psychology with Deakin’s Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology) or Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Psychology). The Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology) allows you to become an expert at uncovering the reasons behind consumer behaviour, while the Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Psychology) explores the human mind in a business context, empowering you to see human resources from a different angle. Get the benefit of completing two specialisations in one, three-year degree.

In this course information webinar, you’ll explore:

  • what you'll learn in each course
  • course overviews, structures and entry requirements
  • Deakin's innovative and flexible online learning experience
  • accreditations and industry links
  • opportunities and interactive experiences offered
  • career outcomes
  • support services available.

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