Infrastructure and Property

Infrastructure and Property is a team of trained specialists providing facilities development, management and maintenance across all Deakin University's campuses.

Our purpose is to support and contribute to outstanding teaching, learning and research, and the campus experience. This will be delivered through the development and provision of effective, efficient and engaging facilities.

We are responsible for the strategic planning and operational management of Deakin's infrastructure and related services, through delivery of the Campus Infrastructure and Utilisation Plan.

Space Management

We undertake detailed analysis of the University’s space requirements, including campus learning spaces, staff accommodation, student support and research and feed this into capital projects as well as minor refurbishments. We aim to ensure the University’s extensive building spaces are being used as optimally as possible, whilst supporting the strategic directions of all Faculties and Portfolios. Ensuring that the University has access to the right amount and type of space to meet both current and projected requirements drives productive partnerships with all areas of Facilities as well as Faculties and Portfolios.

Capital Projects

We manage the design and delivery of new buildings and facilities that meet the University's long term needs.

Read about Deakin’s current major building projects via the links below.


We deliver an industry-leading operations and maintenance plan that guides the management of existing buildings and infrastructure. Delivery of this plan ensures ongoing efficient and safe operations.

We manage over 230 buildings across 330,000m2. Our team completes more than 18,000 reactive and unscheduled maintenance jobs per year in addition to planned works undertaken as part of our scheduled maintenance program.

Campus Planning

We consider the long-term development of each campus, preparing master plans that support Deakin's strategic goals and growth targets.

The Campus Infrastructure and Utilisation Plan, which is updated annually, provides a summary of Deakin’s infrastructure needs today and into the future and guides our priorities.

We are responsible for operational management of Deakin’s infrastructure and related services through the delivery of this plan. In addition, we lead the management of all real-estate acquisitions and disposals, leasing and town planning.

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