Special consideration for difficult life or family challenges

Also known as VTAC SEAS Category 4: Difficult circumstances

In what’s been a challenging time, it’s important to consider your eligibility for VTAC SEAS Category 4. If your studies have been disrupted by the 2019–2020 bushfires or COVID-19, you can have your full potential recognised while boosting your ATAR.


At Deakin, Category 4 includes special consideration for the following subcategories. If you’d like clarification on the eligibility of your individual circumstances, get in touch with one of our future student advisers.

Subcategory Consideration givenEligibility
COVID-19 remote learning impacts Up to 10 aggregate points For applicants whose ability to study was adversely affected by remote learning measures put in place due to COVID-19.
2019/2020 bushfiresUp to 10 aggregate points For applicants whose education was affected by the 2019–20 bushfires.
Difficult circumstances, including but not limited to: refugee status, death of an immediate family member or friend, severe family disruption, natural disaster, long-term illness of a family member, abusive living environment, disrupted education due to relocation, divorce/separation, care leaver, discrimination, bullying, harassment or negative treatment, excessive family responsibility, homelessness.Up to 10 aggregate pointsFor applicants who experienced circumstances that impacted their education.

How to apply

To apply for VTAC SEAS Category 4, submit a SEAS application form via VTAC after lodging your course application. As part of your special consideration application, you’ll be asked to provide evidence of your difficult life or family challenges. This will include:

  • a short description of your circumstances
  • an impact statement detailing how your circumstances have impacted your studies
  • a supporting statement from a responsible person who understands your circumstances and can comment on the impact they’ve had on your life and studies.

Learn more about writing a strong impact statement

Find out how special consideration is applied

Alternative forms of evidence

If you’re applying for special consideration relating to the following circumstances, you may be able to provide alternative forms of evidence.

COVID-19 remote learning

If you're a Victorian Year 12 student, you will automatically be assessed for special consideration based on information provided by your school. No application or action is required (unless you'd like an additional set of circumstances considered, in which case you can still submit a SEAS application under the relevant category).

For all other applicants, VTAC’s streamlined process allows you to indicate the level of disruption COVID-19 has had on your studies as part of your application. You won’t need to provide further written evidence, and any supporting evidence required will be sent directly from your school to VTAC.

Being a refugee or asylum seeker

Depending on your visa type, VTAC’s application form will prompt you to simply upload a copy of your visa information – no written statements are required.

If you don’t see this message while completing the application form, an impact statement and supporting statement will still be required as part of your application. You’ll also be asked to submit a copy of the relevant page of your passport or visa grant notice if available.

Sexual assault, homelessness, family violence or formal out-of-home care

If you indicate that your circumstances relate to sexual assault, homelessness, family violence or formal out-of-home care on your application, you’ll be given the option to provide a letter from a government or community organisation. Choosing this option means you won’t need to provide an impact statement or supporting statement.

If you’re not currently working with a support worker from a government or community organisation, an impact statement and supporting statement will still be required as part of your application.

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Financial support

You don’t have to manage financial hardship alone. Deakin provides a range of support services for students experiencing hardship, including health and wellbeing services. For more information, visit our student life page.

We can also offer interest-free student loans to assist you with the costs associated with studying (conditions apply). You can learn more about our financial assistance options on our student website.

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