SEAS Calculator

Deakin is committed to providing opportunities to access higher education for students whose education may have been disadvantaged for various reasons.

This Deakin SEAS calculator should be used as a guide to possible ATAR adjustments, which may be made on the basis of your SEAS application.

Your responses and any adjustment shown in the calculator are indicative only. The adjustment may not reflect your final ATAR adjustment via VTAC selection and does not constitute an offer from Deakin University. Please note that the adjusted ATAR is based on 2022 data.

This SEAS calculator is currently configured for course applications for 2024.

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Postcode Eligible postcodes are those categorised as regional or remote (outside a major Australian city) as determined by the Australian Standard Geographical Classification.

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Eligible schools are those which Deakin identifies as under-represented in higher education or schools in regional or remote areas across Australia.
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