University elections

Elected student and staff representatives help Deakin to be the best it can be and provide valuable learning and professional development opportunities.

Get involved

Deakin is defined by the people who make up our University community. We are inclusive and value diversity. We understand the importance of having a diversity of people and views represented on our decision-making bodies and we encourage all students and staff to consider standing for election to the University Council, Committees and Boards.

Student and staff representation

Student and staff elected positions form part of University Council, Academic Board and Faculty Boards memberships. Elected representatives contribute to setting strategic directions and upholding quality and standards of the University. Elected representatives have an equal voice and contribute to good governance. Being at the heart of decision-making allows elected representatives to have a positive influence on the quality of teaching and research at Deakin.

University elections

Elections have concluded for 2023. Key dates for the 2024 elections will be published here when available.

Our values

Participation, fairness and transparency are vital to any democratic process. Deakin University carries out its elections with these values in mind to ensure you are involved, treated impartially and informed.

Elections at Deakin are conducted electronically and in accordance with the University’s Elections policy.