University elections

Participation, fairness and transparency are vital to any democratic process. Deakin University carries out its elections with these values in mind to ensure you are involved, treated impartially and informed.

Get involved

Deakin encourages staff and students to participate in elections for boards and committees should they be eligible to stand as candidates or to vote. 

Staff and student participation in decision-making bodies is an important part of university life and provides valuable professional development and rewarding learning experiences.

Election information

Elected positions form part of the membership of University Council, Academic Board, Faculty Boards and the UniSuper Consultative Committee.

Elections are conducted in accordance with the Deakin University’s Election policy.

Election schedule

Elections are run according to an annual schedule:

  • April to June: elections to fill casual vacancies (if any) arising across elected positions
  • August to September: elections for University Council
  • August to November: elections for Academic Board
  • November to December: elections for Faculty Boards.

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