Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration

Deakin is committed to transparency regarding the remuneration of the Vice-Chancellor and updates this information annually alongside the release of the University’s Annual Report.

Remuneration details

The Vice Chancellor’s remuneration package was determined by Council when Professor Iain Martin was offered the role in August 2018 and has not increased since.

Professor Martin’s reported total remuneration comprises salary, contractual performance incentives, superannuation and accrued leave. As set out in the table below, the Vice-Chancellor’s reported remuneration is currently in the range of $940,000 to $949,999.

As part of Deakin’s COVID-19 response, Professor Martin chose not to seek any portion of the 2020 performance incentive payment (25%) included in his contract. The impact of this will be reflected in the 2021 accounts.

Professor Martin’s remuneration for 2020 reduced by 25 per cent from 2019 levels (annualised) to a salary of $674,739. Professor also Martin donated $40,000 in 2020 to Deakin’s Student Emergency Assistance Fund.

Vice-Chancellor's remuneration
Salary $674,739
Superannuation $113,510
2019 performance incentive payment 
(paid 17 January 2020)
Accrued recreation leave $51,362
Accrued long service leave $16,693
Total The Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration
is in the range of $940,000 to $949,999