Accord shake-up to transform Higher Education

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17 November 2022

Deakin Vice-Chancellor and Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) Chair Professor Iain Martin has welcomed Education Minister Jason Clare’s commitment to significant sector reform through the development of the Australian Universities Accord.

The release on Wednesday of the Terms of Reference for the Accord put innovation, opportunity and access at the heart of the biggest potential reshaping of Higher Education since the Dawkins reforms of the 1980s.

“The Terms of Reference confirm this is a generational opportunity to transform higher education and the wider post-18 education system to ensure it is fit to meet the needs and ambitions of Australia in the 21st century,” Professor Martin said.

“There is a clear appetite from the Minister for bold reforms in the mould of previous Labor Governments such as HECS, the demand-driven system and equity and participation programs.

“We welcome that ambition and the focus on lifelong learning, equity and excellence, whilst at the same time recognising the complexity and global linkages of our universities.

“The announcement of the membership of the Expert Panel, and the release of the Terms of Reference, are crucial steps toward considering the critical questions, challenges and issues in developing a Universities Accord which will shape our universities for the coming decades.

“I look forward to working with Minister Clare and his Ministerial Reference Group to ensure the voices of students, staff and important stakeholders are heard.”

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