Deakin reimagines a sustainable and vibrant future

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31 August 2021

Deakin University has opened consultation on proposed organisational change; reimagining a sustainable Deakin that responds effectively to challenges and invests in an aligned and vibrant future.

On Tuesday, Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin met with Deakin staff to communicate change proposals arising from the Deakin Reimagined program, including a significant change to the University’s overall structure.

The Deakin Reimagined initiative launched in March, and since then, almost 1000 submissions from staff have shaped proposals focused on ensuring a vibrant and sustainable university.

Professor Martin said the proposed changes were "necessary to secure Deakin’s financial future while ensuring our services are effective, cohesive, and aligned to core purposes".

"There is no doubt that this is an incredibly challenging time for both Deakin and the wider university sector in Australia," Professor Martin said.

"What Deakin delivers matters, it matters to our students and staff, our local communities, Victoria and Australia, and through our many connections and networks, it matters globally – now more than ever.

"Ensuring we position Deakin to emerge as strongly as possible from the pandemic is what drives me each day.

"The change proposals released on Tuesday have been shaped by almost 1000 submissions from our staff and reimagine a sustainable Deakin that is an exemplar of what a post-pandemic university can be.

"Deakin must be ready to tackle head-on the challenges of an uncertain future. Deakin Reimagined is about not only emerging from the difficulties of COVID-19 but investing in a vibrant and sustainable future. I welcome and look forward to feedback from our staff throughout the consultation period."

Based on the current change proposals, Deakin modelling estimates an overall reduction in positions of between 180 and 220.

Note: No decision has been made on the change proposals. The two-week consultation period commenced on Tuesday 31 August and will close on Tuesday 14 September (inclusive). After consultation, a further two-week period of review and change, informed by the feedback, will take place.

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