Deakin University statement on Ukraine

Media release

08 March 2022

Deakin University stands with the international community and condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

We join with Australian and international universities to offer our support to the citizens of Ukraine and all those who have ties with the country and its people.

Currently, Deakin University has no contracts or agreements with Russian agencies or universities; we will not enter into any new agreements or contracts. Deakin will also not accept any new students from Russia. We have no direct investments in Russian entities and only a very small holding held indirectly through pooled international equities investment funds – we will work with our advisers to exit these as soon as possible.

Deakin upholds the principles of academic freedom, and as such, we cannot mandate that our staff withdraw from all academic and professional collaboration with Russian institutions. However, we encourage those in our community who have academic or professional links to Russia or Russian universities to withdraw their support from these activities.

This is a needless war which has already caused immense suffering. The actions of the Russian government and its military are an attack, not only on Ukraine, but on global stability, cooperation and goodwill. The Russian government has been isolated from the international community, and it is just as important to recognise the significant opposition its actions have in its homeland and among Russian nationals living abroad.

This is a traumatic time for those in our community with Ukrainian heritage or connections. We extend our deepest sympathy to all those affected and will continue to work with our partners to provide aid wherever we can.

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