Deakin welcomes Australian Government funding for innovative defence project

Media release

17 June 2020

Deakin University welcomes the announcement of $260,000 Australian Government funding for a feasibility study exploring Advanced Motion Training for pilots of the Royal Australian Air Force.

The study will progress the Government's Defence Innovation Hub work to design, develop and test a next-generation short-radius high-G centrifuge prototype that provides efficient pilot training in a highly reliable and safe environment.

If successful, the prototype would be capable of generating the acceleration rates of modern jet fighters, delivering rapid onset rates and sustained G-forces typical of those experienced in modern high-performance fighter aircraft.

It would be the country's first high G-force training simulator, negating the need for Australian trainee pilots to be based overseas for equivalent training and helping to build our sovereign capabilities.

Deakin Vice-Chancellor Research and Alfred Deakin Professor Julie Owens says the study complements and builds on cutting-edge research in advanced motion training platforms already underway in the University's Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI).

"We welcome this opportunity and support as we continue to work closely with the Government and the Australian Defence Force on strategic programs that utilise our world-leading expertise for Australia," Professor Owens said.

"Deakin's innovative approach is supported by world class facilities and a strong emphasis on industry-focused research informed by close and early engagement with end-users.

"By partnering with the Government on this project, we continue to demonstrate our ability to translate globally unique research into technology solutions that can advance Australia’s strategic aims, and serve our community."

The feasibility study for Low-Cost Advanced Motion Training for Aircrew Safety and Human Performance is part of an ongoing Capability and Technology Demonstrator (CTD) program managed and funded by the Federal Government through its Defence Innovation Hub.

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