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Passionate about the environment? Study a sustainability course at Deakin and get the skills and knowledge to help solve global issues such as climate change. Turn your passion for the environment into a career.


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Want to contribute to a more sustainable world?

A range of study areas and courses at Deakin are focused around developing the skills and knowledge to make an impact on the future wellbeing of our planet. You can include sustainability-related units in an arts or business degree or choose a specialist course focusing on environmental issues and solutions.

We are committed to embedding the United Nations sustainable development goals across our curriculum so that you have the tools to pursue a career that makes a difference.

Environmental management

An environmental science student inspects a plant in a field.

Focus on finding solutions to the world's most pressing environmental problems. Understand the issues and learn to influence policy, planning and behaviour to affect change across a broad range of environmental areas.

Environmental engineering

Two students examine water samples outdoors.

This rapidly growing field of expertise will make you a highly sought-after graduate in careers that address global environmental issues such as climate change, sustainability, recycling, public health and pollution.

Let's keep Earth wonderful

At Deakin, we’re committed to building a sustainable, wonderful world through innovative research. Our aim is to become carbon neutral by 2025.

Wildlife and conservation biology

Three Wildlife and Conservation students look up for wildlife. Two are using binoculars and one is holding books.

Contribute to a better world for future generations by helping to conserve and preserve the world's animals. Learn how to handle native animals, survey wildlife populations and conduct sustainability assessments.

Marine science

Two Marine Biology students crouch at the shoreline with equipment. They are wearing overalls.

Discover what's under the surface of the water in our purpose-built marine facilities. Graduate ready to tackle the latest in conservation, management and sustainability of our marine environment.


An architecture student inspects a wooden model.

Explore smart, sustainable, innovative design in a mixture of theory and practical learning – whether you're developing models or exploring urban ecologies.

Gain skills to protect the future of our planet

At Deakin you won't just learn about the future, you'll prepare for it with real-world learning fuelled by progressive thinking. Kick-start your career in sustainability and find out why we’re Victoria's #1 university for educational experience.

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