Teaching at Deakin

Deakin strives to create courses that are industry-relevant, so students can graduate ready to leap into their careers.

This is achieved through continual assessment, alongside strong teaching and research capabilities that create courses aligned with related industries.


Through our teaching and research capabilities, Deakin creates strong relationships with the community that it serves. We design courses that are industry-relevant for graduates.

Designing for learning

We design courses from the top down: course first, then the units that fit into it.

This top-down, holistic design approach keeps our broader curriculum (all our courses) aligned and focused on the ultimate goal, our learning outcomes. It's these learning outcomes that employers ultimately value.

Deakin courses are developed as cloud-first designs, providing enhanced digital learning in the Cloud Campus (online), as well as at one of our physical campuses. Deakin courses emphasise digital literacy and incorporate digital learning into all course offerings.

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Graduate Learning Outcomes

Graduate learning outcomes ensure that Deakin provides courses designed to create careers and ground-breaking research by embedding discipline-specific knowledge into its curriculum.

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Learning support

At Deakin, students have access to support programs that help them succeed in a university environment.

Academic literacy

Academic skills and literacy involves more than basic reading and writing skills.
In the university context, academic skills and literacy includes research and referencing skills; effective reading and note taking; critical analysis and synthesis; and communicating for a range of purposes and audiences.

Academic integrity

Academic integrity addresses issues of plagiarism, collusion and copyright. Students must recognise and avoid these issues in their work, and there are teaching and learning strategies to support students.

Supporting students to learn

Deakin has a longstanding record of using cutting-edge information technology while providing highly personalised experiences. This is true whether learning in the cloud, on Deakin's media-rich campuses or through a combination of cloud and campus. Deakin has many services dedicated to supporting students.


Teaching support

Support for teaching is provided by faculty learning support teams, Deakin Learning Futures Pod teams and Library specialists.

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Building your skills

  • Professional development in study through sites such as Lynda.com
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education Learning and Teaching
  • Master of Professional Practice (Digital Learning)
  • Action learning through development and implementation of innovation projects