Centre for Molecular and Medical Research

At the Centre for Molecular and Medical Research (C-MMR) we research the causes of diseases, such as cancer, infectious diseases, diabetes and much more, at a molecular level. Our state-of-the-art facilities give our world-class researchers the tools they need to push the boundaries of knowledge in health and disease.

Our vision and research focus

Our vision is to perform world-class medical research that focuses on the molecular basis of health and disease. The specific areas of our research include cancer, molecular bioscience, metabolic and musculoskeletal medicine, infection and immunity.

We aim to translate our findings into novel strategies for optimising health and developing new therapeutics and diagnostics.

Knowledge is power. C-MMR is creating new knowledge relating to some of the most critical diseases to fuel discoveries in treatment and diagnosis.



Innovative research

Can copper be used to selectively kill prostate cancer cells?

Research Fellow Dr Michael Cater is researching the cellular mechanisms and pathways leading to copper accumulation and copper-ionophore sensitivity in prostate cancer.

He is testing the hypotheses that:

  • cancerous prostate cells accumulate intracellular copper early during their development
  • (aberrations in the expression profile of copper-homeostasis proteins underpins copper accumulation
  • custom-made copper-ionophores can selectively and effectively kill actual human prostate cancer tissue.

Featured researchers

Meet just a few of our leading researchers producing world-class outcomes.

Dr Kathryn Aston-Mourney

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Professor Alister Ward

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Professor John Donald

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World-class facilities

Our researchers have access to advanced, well-equipped and innovative facilities. These include the Metabolic Research Unit, Molecular Medicine Research Facility and Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology at Deakin. Plus the Health Education and Research Building at Barwon Health and the Biosecure Immunology Laboratory at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory site.

We all want to be biosecure

Our Biosecure Immunology Laboratory is developing new treatments for diseases such as influenza and the Hendra virus. This is part of a collaboration between CSIRO and Deakin based in the Australian Animal Health Laboratory site – one of the most advanced bio-containment facilities in the world. The Hendra vaccine 2012 was also developed here.

Join our research team

C-MMR welcomes talented research students wishing to contribute to specific research areas. For example, the role of metals in cancer, neurobiology or emerging infectious diseases.

In just a few steps you could be finding new and better ways to prevent and treat diabetes, malaria or immune disorders.

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Find a supervisor

Once you have decided on your research area of interest, you'll need to find a suitable supervisor. Go to our staff profiles and find out who specialises in the area you'd like to focus on. Then contact them to discuss your proposal.

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