International relations



International relations provides you with a better understanding of conflict and cooperation, and war and peace, in contemporary international politics. Study issues in global politics: the nature of power and security, globalisation and global governance, human rights and global justice, the politics of the Asian region and Australia’s place in the world.

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MJ-A000018 (major)

MN-A000018 (minor)


Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Cloud (Online)


Career outcomes

Graduates can expect to gain employment in a wide range of areas including federal defence agencies, foreign affairs departments, immigration departments/consultancies, major corporations, management consultancies and multicultural associations. 

Students majoring in International Relations should also consider a complementary major sequence or electives in Politics and Policy Studies or major or minor in Middle East Studies.

Explore units


  • To complete a Major sequence in International Relations select eight (8) credit points as outlined below;
  • To complete a Minor sequence in International Relations select any four (4) units from below, including a minimum of one (1) credit point at level one, and no more than one (1) credit point at level 3

Complete the following 2 units from level 1:

  • World in Crisis AIR101
  • War, Terrorism and Humanitarian Responses AIR102
  • Complete the following unit from level 2:

  • Key Concepts in International Relations AIR242
  • Complete a further 3 units from level 2, selected from:

  • Critical Issues in Middle East Politics AIE255
  • Global Capitalism and Power AIR200
  • Australia and the Changing Asia-Pacific AIR202
  • Human Rights in World Politics AIR203
  • Great Power Relations AIR204
  • Gender, Globalisation and Development AIS204
  • Study Tour: America and the International System AIR292
  • Immersion Program: Japanese Politics, Society and Culture AIS203
  • Complete 2 units from level 3, selected from:

  • Middle East Study Tour AIE365
  • Activists Beyond Borders AIR348
  • Diplomacy and the United Nations AIR349
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