Sustainable marine management (Bachelor of Marine Science)



Marine ecosystems are under increasing pressure from climate change, unsustainable fishing and aquaculture practices, population growth, urban development and pollution leading to ocean acidification and declining biodiversity. The adequate and sustainable management of marine environments requires a complex, comprehensive and ecosystem-based approach. This major sequence provides you with a deep understanding of these complex relationships through exploration of topics in environmental sustainability, marine disturbance and remediation, and the integration of marine, coastal and catchment management for a sustainable marine future.

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Six (6) credit points - one credit point per unit

Level 1 – Trimester 1

No major unit

Level 1 – Trimester 2

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Level 2 – Trimester 1

  • Indigenous Engagement: Natural Resource Management
  • Level 2 – Trimester 2

  • Marine Futures
  • Level 3 – Trimester 1

  • Integrating Marine, Coastal and Catchment Management
  • Level 3 – Trimester 2

  • Catchments to Coasts
  • Marine Disturbance and Remediation