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Burwood (Melbourne), Warrnambool, Waterfront (Geelong), Cloud (online)

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This is an accounting measurement and disclosure minor which is fundamental to anyone working in business or a not for profit. The minor is designed to provide students with future looking knowledge at an intermediate level of understanding. This is an information and data driven minor with practical applications across emerging practices and technologies in the fields of reporting, data to inform management decision making, and assurance services. This minor is essential knowledge for a large array of destinations including anyone working towards senior management and board roles given the common law judgements on the reporting and disclosure knowledge required in these roles.

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plus 3 units from:

  • Financial Accounting MAA261
  • Management Accounting MAA262
  • Accounting Information Systems and Data Analytics MAA204
  • Audit and Assurance MAA303
  • ^ Students undertaking the Accounting major (MJ-M30041) cannot undertake the minor in Accounting.