Sport and exercise science

CSR's sport science research focuses on the best preparation strategies and adaption responses for athletes and coaches to reach sporting success.

As leaders in the fields of sports data analytics, integrating data mining methodologies and sophisticated analysis techniques, we develop and assess methods to accurately measure training loads.

We also examine the relationships between load, physical adaptations, injury and athletic performance.

Preparation, adaptation and performance

Part of athletes and coaches' sporting success comes from seeking out the best preparation strategies and adaptation responses. 

In the case of individual athletes and teams, increasing training stimulus usually results in physical adaptations and performance improvements. 

The effect from training is influenced by the training load, which is made up of the frequency, duration and intensity of exercise. 

It's important that athletes are given an appropriate training load to help them succeed. Inadequate loading is unlikely to achieve the desired performance outcomes and excessive loading can increase the likelihood of overtraining and/or injury.

Measurement, analytics and prediction in sport

The greater availability and use of measurement technology like wearable sensors and video analysis technology helps researchers, practitioners and coaches to learn more about training, fatigue and performance enhancement. 

Data gathering using these devices is largely automated and has led to the creation of large databases of information about athletic performance. 

Through sports data analytics, this information is now being used in sport science and coaching. It has the potential to uncover long-term and emerging patterns in individual athletes and teams' performances.  

Having identified the importance of this research theme, we're fast establishing ourselves as leaders in this field.  

The quality and impact of our work is evident through our partnerships with the likes of:

  • the Australian and Victorian Institutes of Sport (projects in rowing, water polo and netball)
  • the Australian Football League (projects with the AFL Umpires, AFL Doctors and Geelong FC) 
  • Catapult and GPSports (Melbourne-based global leaders in wearable technologies in sport).