PhD opportunities

We’re looking for outstanding PhD candidates to progress their career with Deakin’s Centre for Sport Research (CSR).

A higher degree by research with CSR gives you the opportunity to start making connections with industry, community partners or sport and exercise science services while you study with us.

Current projects are listed below. Please contact the staff directly associated with each project.

2021 projects

Female athlete hydration, thermoregulation and performanceRhiannon Snipe
Carbohydrate requirements and performance of female athletesRhiannon Snipe
Building the foundations in youth football: A focus on fixed and modifiable risk factors for concussion in footballLiz Bradshaw
The FIFA 2023 Women's World Cup and fan engagementKim Toffoletti
Representative practice design using a constraints-led approach in cricketWill Vickery
Investigating energy availability in team sport athletesDominique Condo
Where did they get that from? Mechanisms for sports coach education and translation into practice.Will Vickery
Tactical Analysis of Performance in Australian Football based on player movement and team formation.Dan Dwyer
Examination of training load in youth athletesLyndell Bruce
Using BioMech data and generative design/FEA to create athletic garmentsPaul Collins
The effect of self-reported height by Australian parents on biological maturation estimates in youth athletesLiz Bradshaw
Biocultural approaches to pain and injury in women's sportKim Toffoletti
Sportswomen online - social technologies, emerging issuesKim Toffoletti