Better understanding the diverse experiences of Asian societies and people

Our research projects address problems faced in the everyday lived experiences of Asian people and societies, locally and globally. By analysing media, culture and society, we explore how the Asian region utilises ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ power to secure its position in the world more broadly. Our research examines global dynamics to better understand what role multicultural Australia will play in what has been called the ‘Asian 21st century’.

Our research areas

Our collaborative group of transdisciplinary researchers draws on scholars from across the arts, social science and humanities disciplines who work in both national and transnational Asian contexts. We perform comparative and cross-cultural work across two key research streams:

Asian media, culture and language

This stream addresses the way Asia is represented and represents itself across the art, media and cultural industries. The stream is digitally focused, with research that evaluates the way data and information, ideas and identities, circulate online, including:

  • digital media and communication in Asia
  • civilisation, popular culture and cultural heritage in Asia
  • Asian languages, linguistics and literature.

Asian politics and society

This stream is focused on the social organisation, regulation and governmentality of Asian societies. It seeks to understand how ordinary people live, work and take leisure, including:

  • public diplomacy and geopolitics of Asia
  • Asian diasporas
  • domestic politics and international relations in Asia.

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Featured projects

Our range of local and international partners across government, community and industry, allow us to deliver research with impact. We lead bold initiatives that seek solutions beyond traditional research and organisational boundaries.

Regulating AI and algorithms in the Asia Pacific

Regulating AI and algorithms in the Asia Pacific

Led by Dr Jian Xu, this project provides an overview of the policy landscape governing AI and algorithms in the Asia Pacific region and engages in dialogue with, and contributes to, regulatory practices in the West. It explores the ethical, legal and social issues, concerns and debates on AI and algorithms.

Lived and digital religious flows across the Indian and Pacific Oceans

Lived and digital religious flows across the Indian and Pacific Oceans

Led by Dr Enqi Weng, this research project studies the transnational flows of religions across the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with a particular emphasis on Asia, Africa, Australia and the Pacific Islands. It aims to address the under-representation of diverse religious traditions in Australia's historical and contemporary studies, which have predominantly focused on Abrahamic faiths and certain regions.

Our researchers

Led by our group convenors, our interdisciplinary team delivers projects for the Asian Media, Culture and Society group, with decades of combined expertise.

Professor Redmond is a professor of film and television in the School of Communication and Creative Arts. He conducts research in the areas of stardom and celebrity, genre studies, film authorship and sound, Asian cinema and whiteness studies.

Dr Jian Xu is a senior lecturer in communication in the School of Communication and Creative Arts. He conducts research in digital youth cultures, internet governance, celebrity politics and cultural governance in China.

Research team

Dr Gilbert Caluya, Lecturer, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Associate Professor Lennon Chang, Associate Professor, Cyber Risk and Policy

Associate Professor Sue Chen, Associate Professor, Writing and Literature

Dr Jade Guan, Senior Lecturer in International Politics and Strategy

Dr Christine Horn, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Vikrant Kishore, Honorary Fellow

Dr Kim Lam, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Yanying Lu, Teaching Scholar, Chinese

Dr Jodi McAlister, Senior Lecturer, Writing and Literature

Dr Thaera O'Brien, Associate Lecturer in Communication

Dr Fengqi Qian, Lecturer in Chinese

Dr Melathi Saldin, Lecturer in Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies

Dr Gillian Tan, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology

Associate Professor Anthony Ware, Associate Professor, International and Community Development

Dr Vicki Ware, Senior Lecturer, International and Community Development

Dr Enqi Weng, Research Fellow

Dr Alistair Welsh, Senior Lecturer in Indonesian

Dr Jian Xu, Senior Lecturer, Communication

Dr Xinyu Zhao, Research Fellow, Digital Childhoods

Our partners

Collaboration and co-creation is central to our work. We engage with a range of local and international partners, including Asia-focused research institutes, thinktanks, arts and culture sectors, Asian diaspora communities and Asian-focused universities. Our group also participates in a range of cultural experiences and media, including podcasts, Asian film festivals, community events, exhibitions, screenings and performances.

  • Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Hong Kong Baptist University, The City University of Hong Kong (China)
  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Amity University, DME Media School (India)
  • University of Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • Osaka City University (Japan)
  • Swinburne University of Technology, Malaysia (Malaysia)
  • National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  • Seoul National University (South Korea)
  • Van Lang University (Vietnam)
  • Kings College London (UK)
  • CathayPlay (Chinese independent film streaming platform)
  • Indian Film Festival of Melbourne
  • Melbourne Taiwan Film Festival

Our publications

Take an in-depth look at our latest research, available in a variety of formats and publications. For a full list of publications visit the profile pages of our researchers.

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