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The Reading Writing Futures group has one of the of the largest PhD programs in literary studies and creative writing in Australia. Our unique nexus between the creative and the critical help us to identify how literature has been mobilised in political agendas. We also explore how writing and reading practices help us to actively transform and renew how we engage with each other and the world around us.

Through our research, we use writing and reading to rethink primary relationships between past and present expressions of culture, between selves and others, and between beings and places.

Our research areas

The School of Communication and Creative Arts is a leader in socially engaged and impactful research. Our researchers produce high-quality research outcomes across a traditional and non-traditional research spectrum, partnering with multiple stakeholders from government, industry and the not-for-profit sector. Led by our group convenors, the Reading Writing Futures group has seven current research streams:

Australian writing

Boasting award-winning writers, we reflect on literature’s relation to settler-colonialism and its possibilities for decolonialism, representations of place, forms of storytelling, print culture, and the significance of regional and global networks.

Children’s literature

Our internationally renowned and interdisciplinary research of young adult and children’s literature has had a recent focus on cross-cultural representations, representations of gender and sexuality, and its interface with science.

Genre fiction

With expertise in fantasy and romance fiction, we study the constitution of fan cultures and the relationship between genre fiction and politics.

Life writing

Bringing together leading writers and scholars in auto/biography, autofiction, creative nonfiction and memoir, we consider what forms contemporary life writing might take and how we might reconceptualise engagements with the archive.

Poetry and poetics

Our concentration of leading and emergent poet-scholars is working across a range of areas including First Nations poetries, poetry in the public sphere, cross-disciplinary poetries (such as prose poetry and ekphrasis), social poetics and translation.

Writing gender and sexuality

Typically interdisciplinary in scope, we have a concentration in feminist and LGBTI/queer writing. From the local to the transnational, we have a particular interest in research involving archives, education, diaspora and inclusion.

Writing the body; writing machine

This stream focuses on embodied forms of writing and performance. We also consider the impact of AI technologies on practices of writing, reading and pedagogy, as well as understanding the co-existence of physical and virtual domains.

Use writing and reading to imagine possible futures

When you study a PhD or postdoctoral research with the Reading Writing Futures group, you'll be supported by renowned researchers.

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Featured projects

Our partnerships with government, community and industry allow us to deliver research with impact. We lead bold initiatives that seek solutions beyond traditional research and organisational boundaries.

Understanding the present through medieval narratives

Understanding the present through medieval narratives

This Future Fellowship project, led by Dr Helen Young, aims to understand how narratives about the medieval past help form identities and spread ideologies in the present, across the political spectrum, time and national borders.

Science and children’s literature in modern China

Science and children’s literature in modern China

This project, led by Associate Professor Sue Chen, examines how science was communicated and translated to young readers through literature in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The project investigates how children’s literature was used to encourage readers to gain scientific literacy and spark interest in science from a young age.

Our researchers

The Reading Writing Futures group delivers innovative projects through our extensive professorial team, led by:

Professor Ann Vickery is a professor of writing and literature in the School of Communication and Creative Arts. Her research interests include social poetics, 20th and 21st century American poetry, Australian poetry, Australian and American modernism, archival methodologies and literary feminisms.

Dr Andrew Dean is a lecturer in writing and literature in the School of Communication and Creative Arts. His research areas are in late 19th, 20th, and 21st century world anglophone and American literature.

Research team

Professor Cassandra Atherton, Associate Head of School, Research

Dr Robin Bellingham, Senior Lecturer, Pedagogy and Curriculum

Associate Professor Geoff Boucher, Associate Professor of Writing and Literature

Professor Clare Bradford, Emeritus Professor

Dr Gilbert Caluya, Lecturer, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Associate Professor Marion Campbell, Visitor

Associate Professor Sue Chen, Associate Professor, Writing and Literature

Dr Evelyn Araluen Corr, Lecturer

Dr Andrew Dean, Lecturer in Writing and Literature

Dr Jonathan Dunk, Lecturer

Hayley Elliott-Ryan, Associate Lecturer, Writing, Literature and Culture

Dr Rachel Fetherston, Lecturer

Dr Karen Le Rossignol, Senior Lecturer

Dr Janine Little, Senior Lecturer in Communication

Dr Ramon Lopez Castellano, Lecturer in Spanish

Dr Stefanie Markidis, Lecturer

Dr Jodi McAlister, Senior Lecturer, Writing and Literature

Professor David McCooey, Personal Chair

Professor Lyn Mc Credden, Emeritus Professor

Dr Alyson Miller, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Kristine Moruzi, Associate Professor, Writing and Literature

Associate Professor Antonia Pont, Associate Professor, Writing and Literature

Professor Emily Potter, Professor, Writing and Literature

Dr Lenise Prater, Teaching Scholar, Creative Writing and Literature

Dr Bronwyn Reddan, Research Fellow, Pathways to Teenage Reading

Associate Professor Leonie Rutherford, Associate Professor of Writing and Literature

Dr Adriano Tedde, Lecturer, Strategic and American Studies

Dr Paul Venzo, Senior Lecturer, Writing and Literature

Professor Ann Vickery, Professor, Writing and Literature

Associate Professor Patrick West, Associate Professor, Writing and Literature

Dr Helen Young, Senior Research Fellow (Future Fellowship)

Dr Tyson Yunkaporta, Senior Lecturer, Indigenous Knowledges

Our partners

Our ties with external partners ensure that our research connects with industry and community. Our partners include:

  • Overland
  • Warrnambool Art Gallery
  • Express Media
  • Geelong Regional Libraries
  • Mountain Writers Festival

Our publications

Take an in-depth look at our latest research, available in a variety of formats and publications. For a full list of publications visit the profile pages of our researchers.

Latest publications:

Featured publications:

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Professor Ann Vickery

Dr Andrew Dean