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Learn more about Deakin’s School of Communication and Creative Arts staff and the esteemed professors, accomplished academics and practising professionals who may guide your learning. Find staff member profiles and read about their most recent publications.

Meet the Head of the School of Communication and Creative Arts

Professor Meghan Kelly

Professor Meghan Kelly is a Communication Designer with research interests in co-design, cross-cultural communication design and creating ethical, respectful visual representation. Meghan traverses both practice-based design and traditional academic research outcomes. Meghan previously served as the Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) before taking on the role of Head of School in March 2024.

Communication and creative arts at Deakin are at the forefront of the intersection of technology and creative practice. With a diverse range of disciplines on offer, our school is an exciting place to work and study.

Professor Meghan Kelly

Head of School, School of Communication and Creative Arts

Key contacts

Professor Meghan Kelly, Head of School

Yvonne Williams, School Manager

Dr Olivia Millard, Associate Head of School, Teaching and Learning

Dr Russell Kennedy, Associate Head of School, International and Partnerships

Professor Cassandra Atherton, Associate Head of School, Research

Dr Tonya Meyrick, Acting Head, Art and Design

Associate Professor Christopher Scanlon, Head, Communications

Dr Sian Mitchell, Acting Head, Film, Animation and Performing Art

Professor Ann Vickery, Acting Head, Writing, Literature and Culture

Associate Professor Geoff Boucher, SCCA Professoriate Group Representative

Associate Professor Kristin Demetrious, SCCA HDR Coordinator

Professor Stefan Greuter, Director, Deakin Motion Lab

Tom Salisbury, Senior Operations Coordinator, Tech Staff

Study with us

Deakin’s School of Communication and Creative Arts empower students, staff and partners to work toward positive change. Join our welcoming community of budding artists, progressive communicators, world-leading academics and renowned teaching staff to nurture your talent and future career.

Academic staff

Art and Design

Associate Professor Cameron Bishop, Associate Professor

Professor David Cross, Professor

Dr Simon Grennan, Lecturer

Professor Stefan Greuter, Professor

Jacinta Kay, Associate Lecturer

Dr Russell Kennedy, Senior Lecturer

Maria Kneebone-Bates, Lecturer

Dr Katie Lee, Lecturer

Dr Sean Loughrey, Lecturer

Dr Tonya Meyrick, Senior Lecturer

Colin Trechter, Teaching Scholar

Dr Anne Wilson, Senior Lecturer


Dr Richie Barker, Senior Lecturer

Lauren Bevilacqua, Associate Lecturer

Associate Professor Toija Cinque, Associate Professor

Associate Professor Katrina Clifford, Associate Professor

Benjamin Cunningham Crockett, Lecturer

Associate Professor Kristin Demetrious, Associate Professor

Dr Julie Freeman, Senior Lecturer

Dr Erin Hawley, Senior Lecturer

Dr Luke Heemsbergen, Senior Lecturer

Professor Kristy Hess, Professor

Cameron Jenyns, Lecturer

Dr Janine Little, Senior Lecturer

Dr Jennifer Martin, Senior Lecturer

Alison Mcadam, Lecturer

Dr Marie Gabrielle Mocatta-Madsen, Lecturer

Ross Monaghan, Lecturer

Dr Thaera O’Brien, Associate Lecturer

Deirdre Quinn-Allan, Senior Lecturer

Professor Matthew Ricketson, Professor

Dr Christopher Scanlon, Senior Lecturer

Dr Kasey Symons, Senior Lecturer

Dr Jian Xu, Senior Lecturer

Film, Animation and Performing Arts

Anna Brownfield, Teaching Scholar

Dr Merophie Carr, Associate Lecturer

Associate Professor Rea Dennis,  Associate Professor

Associate Professor Victoria Duckett, Associate Professor

Professor Richard Frankland, Professor

Dr Katherine Hunter, Lecturer

Dr Donna Mcrae, Senior Lecturer

Dr Olivia Millard, Senior Lecturer

Dr Sian Mitchell, Lecturer

Dr Miles O’Neil, Lecturer

Dr Colin Perry, Associate Lecturer

Dr Martin Potter, Senior Lecturer

Professor Sean Redmond, Professor

Simeon Taylor, Lecturer

Dr Lienors Torre,  Senior Lecturer

Luigi Vescio, Teaching Scholar

Dr Simon Wilmot, Senior Lecturer

Writing, Literature and Culture

Professor Cassandra Atherton, Professor

Associate Professor Geoffrey Boucher, Associate Professor

Dr Gilbert Caluya, Lecturer

Associate Professor Shih-Wen Sue Chen, Associate Professor

Miss Evelyn Corr, Lecturer

Dr Andrew Dean, Lecturer

Dr Jonathan Dunk, Lecturer

Hayley Elliott-Ryan, Associate Lecturer

Dr Rachel Fetherston , Lecturer

Dr Stefanie Markidis , Lecturer

Dr Karen Le Rossignol, Senior Lecturer

Dr Jodi McAlister, Senior Lecturer

Professor David Mccooey, Professor

Dr Alyson Miller, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Kristine Moruzi, Associate Professor

Associate Professor Antonia Pont, Associate Professor

Professor Emily Potter, Professor

Dr Lenise Prater, Teaching Scholar

Associate Professor Leonie Rutherford, Associate Professor

Dr Paul Venzo, Senior Lecturer

Professor Ann Vickery, Professor

Associate Professor Patrick West, Associate Professor

Dr Helen Young, Research Fellow

Our research

We partner with industry, government and community to deliver socially engaged and impactful research. Our world-class researchers and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment will progress your research career.

Research directors and convenors

Deakin Motion Lab
Professor Stefan Greuter and Associate Professor Victoria Duckett

Advancing Rural, Regional Culture and Society
Professor Emily Potter, Professor Kristy Hess and Dr Gabi Mocatta

Asian Media, Culture and Society
Professor Sean Redmond and Dr Jian Xu

Critical Digital Infrastructures and Interfaces
Associate Professor Toija Cinque and Dr Luke Heemsbergen

Public Exchange Bureau
Associate Professor Cameron Bishop and Dr Katie Lee

Reading Writing Futures
Professor Ann Vickery and Dr Andrew Dean

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