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At the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) we are dedicated to advancing the global knowledge base of intelligent systems research. We focus on five main areas – motion simulators, simulation training and haptics, autonomous systems and robotics, systems modelling and simulation, and human performance and cognition.

Autonomous systems and robotics

IISRI is very active in the design and development of robotic and autonomous systems for application in defence and security environments.

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Systems modelling and simulation

IISRI’s modelling and simulation research encompasses simulation and data visualisation, complex systems, and decision making under uncertainty. IISRI has the largest team of researchers working in the field of systems modelling and simulation in Australia. They have extensive experience in the application of discrete event simulation, systems dynamics, agent-based modelling and conceptual modelling of complex systems. Our researchers also adapt techniques from external fields to assist with the modelling process, research platform tools and technology.

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Motion simulators

Our Motion Simulation Lab is home to a range of mobile and industrial robots. We have developed the haptically enabled Universal Motion Simulator (UMS), which represents the next generation of vehicle simulation. Motion simulation is a vast arena of innovation that can be used to make life-altering changes across the world.

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Simulation training and haptics

IISRI uses, develops and tests haptic interfaces for medical, military and commercial applications. We have a library of all commercially available devices and also custom design haptic interfaces. Our engineers can provide all haptic-related research, development and commercialisation activities, from components to tailored solutions.

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Deakin University's Julie Gaburro and the Zika Virus

Deakin University PhD student Julie Gaburro discusses her research into the Zika virus for the 2018 'Pitch it Clever' award.

Human performance and cognition

IISRI researchers have developed a number of capabilities that allow interactions with the brain to characterise cognition and state of mind. These range from analysing single cell dynamics in the brain to monitoring the physiological behaviour of individuals. Our research explores the capabilities to interact with the brain at neuron cell level, for example responses to stimuli such as drugs. In other work, we analyse the characterisation of general state of mind in terms of situational awareness, attention and involving methods such as EEG and eye tracking technologies.

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Latest articles

IISRI researcher receives prestigious DECRA award

The Deakin researcher received the award for establishing sovereign capabilities in motion simulation for Australian communities and industry.

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IISRI delivers high-fidelity motion simulators

IISRI’s advanced MCAs allow the unique Universal Motion Simulators to replicate a range of high-fidelity maneuvers for land, air, and sea vehicles.

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Future projects

As well as our five main streams of current research, we are also investigating and researching myriad other fascinating areas within these streams that will have impacts across a range of industries.

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