Planning for your child to move overseas to study is an exciting time. You are probably wondering what their life will be like.

Deakin University welcomes thousands of students from all over the world each year. Our campuses in three very different cites – Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool – each offer a unique lifestyle. What they have in common is that they are all safe, multicultural places for your child to study, work and live.

Feeling welcome

Australia’s multicultural population makes it easy for students to live here. ‘What I like most,’ says Indonesian student Adzrah, ‘is the people and the diversity. I’ve made friends from Australia, from India, from Colombia, from all over!

'It isn’t just the diversity. It is the respect for that diversity. It’s been very welcoming.'
– Adzrah

Kathleen agrees, saying ‘Deakin’s effort in creating an inclusive environment has helped me feel comfortable and accepted.’ She also points out that Deakin’s student association makes easy to find people from home: ‘the clubs include a community filled with people from my country.’ They have, she says, ‘helped me feel at home and have a sense of belonging in Deakin.’

Where to live

Many new students choose to live on campus in Deakin’s residences, known as ‘Res.’ ‘I love the location,' says Isabella about living on Deakin's Melbourne Burwood Campus. 'It’s close to the city but also in the suburbs.’ For Shruti, the community of students in Res have become her support network, ‘Everyone in Res is extremely helpful and the Residential Leaders are absolutely amazing.’

Residence is not the only option though. Kathleen chose to live in the community near campus. Coming from Jakarta to study nutrition, she is impressed by the public transportation in Melbourne. She says it has helped her be more independent: ‘I don't have to depend on people as much to go and do stuff. I can just know the tram is coming in ten minutes.’

Once they have a place to live, what will life be like?

Before arriving in Australia from India, business analytics student Adyant thought of ‘beaches, wildlife and multiculturalism.’ Similarly, Shruti expected ‘kangaroos, diversity and completely opposite weather from where I come from.’ And the experience has been as exciting as they expected. ‘I’ve seen a lot of kangaroos,’ Adyant said. ‘I went to Healesville Sanctuary and it was great to feed them through your hands.’

If your child has a sense of adventure, Australia is the place to be. Coming from Nigeria, Supraja is looking forward to learning how to surf at a beach near Geelong. Adyant wants to travel during breaks and is ‘incredibly excited to travel to Queensland during the summer and visit new places.’ Dim, from Cambodia, is planning to visit ‘beautiful places like the Great Barrier Reef.’

The opportunity for your child to move to Australia for university is exciting for your whole family. Your child will experience many exciting opportunities as they study, live and work in Australia. Should you encourage them to go? Yes, says Adyant, reflecting on his time at Deakin, ‘it is the best decision you will ever make.’

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