Deakin representatives

Deakin has a network of experienced overseas agents in various parts of the world who are able to provide advice and information on Deakin University and its courses, as well as assist students with the recruitment process.

Deakin University authorised agents

Deakin University authorised agents are subject to a rigorous application process and ongoing monitoring by the university. They have a signed agreement with Deakin University. If you are unsure whether the party you are liaising with is an authorised agent of Deakin University, please don't hesitate to contact us for verification.

Deakin strongly recommends you utilise the support of a Deakin authorised agent. From July 1 2016 the Department of Home Affairs require all student visa applications to be lodged online. The online visa application process is lengthy and complex. Deakin strongly recommends that you seek the support of a registered agent to ensure your online visa application is submitted correctly. The Department of Home Affairs are not obligated to seek additional information from applicants who fail to submit all required documents at the time of application lodgement. If you fail to complete the online visa application correctly, you may receive a visa refusal.