Confirmation of enrolment

Your confirmation of enrolment (also called a CoE) is an official statement from Deakin University that lists your program of study and your course's start and end dates.

Your CoE lets you study in Australia

If you're going to be studying in Australia on a student visa, you'll need an accurate CoE at all times.

Your CoE is a copy of the information the Australian Government holds about your study plan (like your course start and end dates).

Talk to Student Central if you are unsure how changes to your enrolment might impact on your visa.

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You'll get a CoE after you accept your offer

Once you've accepted your offer and we've received your deposit, we'll issue you with an electronic CoE. This CoE is valid until five days after your course starts, and you can use it to apply for your student visa.

You'll receive your official CoE, which will be valid for the rest of your time at Deakin – as long as your enrolment doesn't change.

The information on your CoE

You'll find your course start and end dates listed on your CoE. This is the time in which you'll need to complete your course.

You'll also find information on the fees that you've paid and the total fees required for your course.

Extensions to your CoE

We understand that sometimes students aren't able to complete their course in the time listed on their CoE. That's why we're able to grant extensions.

You might be able to get extra time to complete your course if you've been sick, you've had to deal with a family emergency, or if your academic progress has been unsatisfactory.

For further questions or help, please contact Student Central.

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Your CoE can be cancelled

Deakin can cancel your CoE if you're not able to meet your obligations as a student – whether it's completing your course on time or paying your fees.

If you are having troubles with your studies, life as a student or fee payment please contact Student Central.

Staying in Australia after you finish studying

If you'd like to spend time working or travelling in Australia, you may be able to stay here under a different visa.

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