Airport pick-up

The airport pick-up service is free to all eligible international students arriving in Australia.

Requests must be lodged at least 3 full business days prior to your departure flight. You will be unable to submit a request unless you meet this criteria.

Use this form if you:

  • Are an International degree student, exchange/study abroad student or English language student of Deakin University and
  • You require us to assist you with booking an airport pickup on your first time arrival to Australia.

If you have issues completing this form, please email

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I understand that the airport pickup service is free to all international degree/exchange/study abroad and English Language students, but that family members accompanying me may be required to pay a fee directly to the driver.

I understand that the University requires at least 3 business days to confirm my airport pick-up. I am aware that my request may not be processed if I lodge an application less than 3 business days prior to my departure. I understand that I am responsible for the information provided in this application and that any incorrect information may result in my application not being processed in time for my arrival.

I understand that I am responsible to carry all luggage outside of the airport.

I understand everyone traveling in a motor vehicle must be wearing a child restraint, booster seat or seat belt that is properly adjusted and fastened. This is the law in Australia. The type of restraint to use depends on the person's age and size. To find out more see the VicRoads website.

I understand that due to time constraints I will not be able to make any stops on the route from the airport to the destination nor will I able to make any purchases, currency transactions or complete a COVID test at the airport if I wish to use this service.

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Passenger information

Date of birth * All students need to provide their date of birth. If you are under the age of 18 you will be put in contact with our International student adviser team.

Departure information

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Arrival information

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Passengers are only permitted to carry a maximum of 2 standard suitcases, 1 small pull a long and 1 backpack. Please note that the Airport transfer company CAN NOT TRANSPORT boxes, sporting equipment of any description (including bikes and golf clubs), nor musical instruments or equipment etc.
Please note any passengers who are not students will be required to pay a minimum fee of $50 AUD per person to the driver. Please note though, people travelling with any Under 18 Homestay students are not permitted to use this service and must find alternate arrangements. If any passengers are Deakin students they must submit their own airport pickup booking.

Additional passengers

Additional passengers are permitted to carry 1 suitcase and 1 back pack each.

Accommodation details

  • Please ensure that, if you require transportation to one of the Deakin University Student Residences, your accommodation booking has already been confirmed prior to you applying for the airport transfer.
  • If this address is a hotel/motel or accommodation where you require keys (i.e. Airbnb or backpackers), please ensure you have made arrangements for the collection of these keys prior to your arrival, particularly if you are arriving outside of normal business hours.
  • Please note that there may be an additional charge payable to the driver if your destination address is beyond 50km of the Melbourne Burwood Campus or Geelong city. This will be confirmed by the airport transfer company.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with further details from the Service Provider once your application has been processed. Please follow all instructions in this email regarding your arrival into Australia. Please note, if on arrival you find your luggage is being delayed please advise them immediately via text/WhatsApp so as not to miss your transfer.


By submitting this form to Deakin for airport pickup, I consent to the release of my personal information relevant to this request to required areas of Deakin. Additionally, I consent to the release of relevant information to ToGoTo Australia, to finalise arrangement of my collection from my arrival airport. Deakin University has entered a contract with ToGoTo Australia. For further details please read Deakin's Information and privacy for students.