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When you study with us, you’ll be joining the ranks of our high-performing students at one of Australia's top law schools*.

Become an in-demand legal professional

Deakin Law School attracts some of the the best and brightest students in Victoria. We're renowned for our commercial focus and teaching quality – consistently ranking among the top schools in the country for our teaching quality and student satisfaction*. Our undergraduate and postgraduate programs use strong work-integrated learning principles to produce well-rounded, quality legal professionals – who have a strong knowledge of Australian and international legal systems.

Deakin Law School strategy

Deakin Law School aspires to be a catalyst for positive change. Our 2021–2025 strategic plan sets out our mission to maintain our excellent reputation both nationally and internationally across progressive learning, innovation, community and partner engagement and our school community.

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Our academic programs

Deakin offers a broad range of law courses, with a number of majors and specialisations. Note that the Master of Legal Studies is a unit-based masters with several specialisations.

Celebrating 30 years of Deakin Law School

Celebrating 30 years of Deakin Law School

This year, Deakin Law School celebrates 30 years since its inception in 1992. Since then, the school has become an integral part of Deakin and our course offering has grown to be one of the best in Victoria.* Throughout the year we'll be sharing stories to celebrate, talking to alumni, academics and more as we reflect on the successes of the school over the years.

Deakin Law Clinic

Deakin Law School operates the Deakin Law Clinic, which is a community legal service offering free legal advice. Deakin law students have the opportunity to assist in one of five practice groups, which cover: civil and commercial law, family law, employment law, criminal law and information for new ventures.

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Don't miss the latest law news, events and important insights from our key opinion leaders and researchers.

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Law at Deakin

Welcome to Deakin Law School

Deakin Law School provides a unique platform for students to find their careers and their passion in law and a wide array of other fields.

Why study law at Deakin?

Will I get a job when I graduate with a law degree? What are employers looking for in a law graduate? Why should I consider studying law at Deakin?

Get practical legal experience

Based in the Melbourne CBD, Deakin Law Clinic is a law firm that gives students the chance to practice law with real clients.

Emoji and the law

Emoji have become such a prevalent form of communication, their meaning can be used to convict people in court. This is creating an emerging area of law concerning Digital Speech.


Our research in law underpins our teaching and encourages curiosity. Through regular research seminars, we discuss drafts for publications, thesis chapters and articles of interest to our research community. We believe wholeheartedly in investing in our research strengths as it reflects in the research output of our academic staff and students.

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PhD program

Deakin Law School is seeking intellectually curious doctoral applicants with a strong academic track record who are interested in undertaking rigorous, theory-advancing research.

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Latest articles

What it’s like to study law with the 2020 Australian Barrister of Year

In 2020, Felicity Gerry QC was chosen as the Australian Barrister of the Year for her extensive contribution to the court room and legal profession.

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Deakin Law School graduates take on more than the law: what a law degree does for you

Considering what to study? You might be surprised to learn that a law degree can be the foundation to many successful careers, without actually practising law.

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*ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2021