A day in the life of an international student

Welcome to a day in the life of an international student studying at Deakin’s Melbourne Burwood Campus.

Students travel from around the world to study with us, and they come for a number of reasons. As well learning at an award-winning university, international students benefit from a vibrant and active student culture, close proximity to some of Australia’s most renowned cultural treasures and a comprehensive orientation package. Learn what it’s like to study at Deakin by following an international student’s average day.

8.30am: Catching the tram to university

As an international student at Deakin University, your first task each weekday is to get to campus. 

You have a few choices if you live nearby: you could catch a train, a tram or a bus. Thousands of students use these fast and easy options every day to get to class.

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11am: Making friends

After morning classes, you might meet up with some of the friends you’ve made since starting. The huge number of clubs and societies at Deakin means that even if there isn’t a club that highlights your nationality specifically – and there probably is! – there’ll be one that you’re interested in.

Moving to another country is hard, and it’s not uncommon to feel disconnected and a little lonely at first. But by reaching out to others on campus, it’s easy to meet people just like yourself. With the friends you’ve made from a couple of clubs, it’ll be hard to get around campus without bumping into somebody you recognise!

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12.15am: Tips and tricks for living in Melbourne

Like many of Deakin’s students, international students need to find somewhere to live near campus. There are a number of options, depending on what your preferences are. You can stay on the university grounds at on-campus housing, or you might prefer to rent a room outside Deakin.

Whatever you choose, Deakin has an off-campus housing service that can help. It keeps listings of good houses for students, and has really friendly student housing staff. You can make an appointment to go in and see them when it suits you.

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1.30pm: Getting some good advice

Like all international students, you need a student visa to study in Australia. Most of the time it’s no problem, but sometimes you have questions about what your visa lets you do: can you work? Can you visit the doctor for free?

Whenever you have questions or issues like this, Deakin’s international student support team can help. Just like the off-campus housing team, you can make an appointment and get expert advice.

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4pm: Bringing other cultures down under

After classes are done, or between them, you can get a look at some of the activities happening on campus each day. Every now and then, Deakin’s International Student Support team put on great international events, from weekday festivals to cultural events or art programs.

When you include all the great things student clubs get up to, there’s usually something interesting happening. 

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6.30pm: Work-life balance

After your classes are done for the week, you’ve got the weekend to yourself. It could be a great time to explore Victoria, catch up on class notes or socialise with friends. The most important thing is to get the balance right; enjoying the company of friends is great for mental health, and studying regularly will help you do well in your course.

Deakin offers lots of support and advice for international students, so why not learn more about how easy it is to apply? It’s the adventure of a lifetime, and one you won’t regret!

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