Tom Sudholz

Campus: Geelong Waurn Ponds

Q&A with Tom

Why did you choose this area of study?

I have always loved working with computers and have wanted to learn to program for a long time. I see programming as a skill that can be used in so many industries. Being able to program lets me bring my ideas to life.

Why Deakin?

The unique offer of a double degree of engineering and commerce, plus the country-style atmosphere of the Waurn Ponds Campus, and, indeed, Geelong in general.

What is the best opportunity you have had at Deakin?

I have had the chance to undertake internships in engineering and finance, been involved in leadership positions, programs and conferences, volunteered for my faculty and in the broader community and worked with, engaged with and befriended some amazing people.

Deakin insider tip?

Do internships as a leg up into your industry – nothing can beat experience on your resume and contacts/referees in the bank! Manage your time, don't put every waking hour into study or you'll burn out; make sure you enjoy the social environment offered at uni as you will meet and make some lifelong friends.

How has your experience at Deakin affected your life?

I met my closest friends on Residences at Deakin and enjoyed some of the best parties – while also enjoyed the chance to lead societies and volunteer programs.

Any recommendations for someone considering Deakin?

Do it. Don't think twice! If you realize you course isn't for you, you can transfer to something more towards your interests!

I'd always had an interest in how things work, so engineering seemed like a natural fit for me.

Tom Sudholz

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Engineering