Desiree Paizis



Bachelor of Health Science
Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion (Honours)

Graduation year

2015 and 2017


Melbourne Burwood Campus

Current position

Case Manager for Home Care Package and NDIS clients


Desiree speaks of her journey to public health and how her experience within the industry shaped the career she chose to pursue.

Career path and highlights

Having been the first in her family to attend university, Desiree attributes her success to the support of her family, friends and the Deakin staff who encouraged her along the way.

'Being the first in my family to go to university, I was completely driven by the opportunities that Deakin could provide me! But I could not have completed my degrees without the support of my family and friends', says Desiree.

While Desiree's journey has led her to a career in public health, she reflects that when she first enrolled in university she had intended to pursue a Bachelor of Education.

'Despite always having a passion for health, I actually started university with a Bachelor of Education. I love teaching others about everything and anything. However, one semester into the degree I missed learning about biology and the prospect of applying my knowledge to individuals to influence their health. That’s when I knew that changing to a Health Degree was a step in the right direction’, says Desiree.

Following her brief experience studying a Bachelor of Education, Desiree moved into a Bachelor of Health Science with a focus on Nutrition and Exercise Science. This led to a graduate role as an Exercise Scientist at a physiotherapy and strength training centre, which gave Desiree the opportunity to apply her practical knowledge in a clinical setting. It was from this experience that Desiree realised that she wanted to focus on injury prevention as opposed to treatment.

This prompted Desiree to complete a Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion (Honours).

This degree assisted Desiree in pursuing her passion for injury prevention and led her to become a Case Manager for Home Care Package and NDIS clients. In this role, Desiree assesses, monitors and reviews her client’s needs for their present and future health goals.

Desiree emphasises the importance of balancing your work, study and social commitments in order to look after yourself. She says, ‘Use a planner, calendar or reminders to make sure you take breaks and balance your work, study and social commitments’.

Desiree is motivated by the many opportunities within the public health sector and enjoys playing team sports outside of work.