Hyder Gulam



Bachelor of Nursing


Melbourne Burwood

Graduation year


Current position

Senior Lawyer at Logie-Smith Lanyon Lawyers


Hyder Gulam graduated from Deakin with a nursing degree, and has used his qualifications in nursing and law to contribute to both industries and give back to the community.

Interview with Hyder Gulam

I am currently…
A Senior Lawyer with Logie-Smith Lanyon Lawyers in Melbourne Victoria. I work in the Commercial Law, Islamic Banking and Finance and Defence procurement areas.

I am also an Executive of the Islamic Council of Victoria, a member of the Australian Red Cross (International Humanitarian Law) and a member of the Royal College of Nursing Australia.

I graduated…
With a Bachelor of Nursing degree in 1996 from Deakin's Melbourne Burwood Campus. I also hold numerous degrees from other institutions, including a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law, Master of Law, Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma of Advanced Clinical Nursing and a Graduate Diploma of Military Law.

My Deakin degree gave me an opportunity to…
Become a nurse and help the sick in the community. It also allowed me to meet so many people and be taught by some great teaching staff. In particular I remember Professor Catherine Taylor, Milly Ching and Christine Smith – they were all outstanding teachers and nurses.

After leaving Deakin I…
Worked as a nurse for some years in aged cared, emergency and trauma, paediatrics and also in outback Australia with remote Aboriginal communities. I also served as an officer with the Royal Australian Air Force, both in Australia and overseas.

Recently I have…
Co-founded the Muslim Legal Network and the City Circle (2008 Revival), been appointed Deputy-Chair of the International Law section at the Law Institute of Victoria and also co-founded the Muslim Legal Network – an organisation which provides legal support to the Muslim community and mentoring to law students and junior lawyers. Being involved in this project was a challenge, considering I was employed as a lawyer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when the organisation was being set up!

I also still maintain my links with the health industry, where I sit on the Board of Vista (one of the biggest disability support providers in Victoria). I still provide numerous lectures to the nursing profession on health law updates and I'm on the Board of the Royal College of Nursing Australia (Vic).

Lately I've also been actively involved in producing a guide for hospitals and nursing homes entitled Care of the Muslim Patient to assist non-Muslim healthcare professionals to come to a better understanding of Islam so that they can provide appropriate and effective care to their Muslim patients.

Success to me is…
Giving back to the community and the wider Australian society. If I can help one other person, no matter how slight, bring a smile to their face or alleviate pain and suffering, then I've been successful.

In the future I'd like to…
Continue to develop myself, professionally and personally and, importantly, help the wider Australian community as part of my strong commitment to social and ethical advancement in our society, particularly in Muslim education and culture.