Susan MacEwan



Bachelor of Commerce/Arts


Melbourne Burwood Campus

Graduation year


Current position

Marketing Manager & Digital Strategy


Deakin alumna, Susan MacEwan has experienced a lot of firsts in her career. Having entered the marketing world at a time when social media and digital engagement were on the rise, Susan reflects on the advantage of completing a double degree, and how to manage when entering a challenging job market.

Career path and highlights

Deakin alumna, Susan MacEwan began her journey with a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts at Deakin’s Melbourne Burwood Campus. When asked what drew her to this course, Susan reflects on the advantage completing a double degree gave her.

Susan says, ‘I was drawn to Deakin’s double degree program to keep my options open while gaining exposure to an array of disciplines. By studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts I was able to strike a balance between both the commercial and creative worlds, something that is still important to me today.’

Susan entered the marketing world at a time when social media and digital engagement were on the rise. This meant that the types of roles available in Susan’s field were going through a period of rapid change, resulting in a lot of firsts for Susan and the industry as a whole.

Susan says, ‘Most projects I’ve worked across have not had a template to follow, which can be vague and ambiguous but also an exciting opportunity. When doing something new, I think it’s important to create your own vision to keep you motivated, to manage expectations with others and also to stop you from settling for the common approach when things get more difficult.’

Since graduating, Susan has worked for companies such as L’Oreal, Harper’s Bazaar, Target US and Aesop. She now works as a marketing consultant for a range of clients who are creatively led and looking to grow globally.

When asked what advice she would give to students looking to pursue a similar career path, Susan says, ‘I try to remain open to change, to ask questions, and to remember you never know who is watching. Most of my opportunities have come through very surprising, loose connections.’

Susan further emphasises the importance of reaching out to people in roles or projects which interest you. Susan says, ‘People are willing to help you when you’re starting out but that opportunity to ask for help can be more challenging as you mature. Look out for brands, projects and ideas that resonate with you. Track down the people behind them and find out how you can help.’