DUSA and CBDU International Student Success Scholarship

Deakin University Student Assocation (DUSA) recognises that unexpected expenses can make it difficult to purchase the items necessary to be successful in your studies.

The DUSA and Community Bank Deakin University (CBDU) Domestic Student Success Scholarship provides resources to international students to fulfill their potential.

Important dates

Applications for Trimester/Semester 1 2024 open 21 December 2023.

Applications for Trimester/Semester 1 2024 close 14 February 2024 at 5pm.


This scholarship is available for 1 year.

  • DUSA Gold membership 2024
  • Laptop
  • Travel assistance (Annual general parking permit/public transport/Myki/fuel voucher)
  • Coles gift card.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship you must:

  • be an international student residing in Australia
  • be a currently enrolled (continuing) student at Deakin University in Trimester 1 2024 (not commencing)
  • enrolled full time* in an undergraduate bachelor or postgraduate master by coursework degree
  • be able to demonstrate the financial impact of unexpected event/s that occurred since you commenced studying at Deakin, and the related impacts (or anticipated impacts) on your student experience
  • have a minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 50.

* Full time enrolment requires students to be enrolled in a minimum of 8 credit points over Trimester 1 and 2 in 2024.

Selection criteria

Your application will be assessed and ranked based on the information your provide in your application including:

  • information regarding the financial and educational impacts of changed circumstances since commencing your course at Deakin
  • how the scholarship will benefit you, specifically addressing how each of the four items provided by this Scholarship will benefit you.


As a scholarship recipient you must:

  • provide a testimonial and a recent photo of yourself at the time of acceptance for promotional purposes
  • provide a written statement at the completion of Trimester 1, 2024 highlighting the impact receiving this support has had on you personally and the potential benefit on your studies during the year for a case study, scholarship promotion and/or reporting purposes.

Your application

Supporting documents

As part of the application process, you will also be required to upload supporting documentation to verify the circumstances outlined in your statements in your application.

The supporting documentation you provide will depend on your individual circumstances. Some examples are:

  • Evidence of increased rent
  • Changed employment circumstances
  • Laptop or computer repairs
  • Increased untility bills

This is not intended to be an exhaustive or prescriptive list.  You may have experienced other unexpected event/s not listed above.

Make sure you choose the correct document type when you upload your documents as it will make a difference. If your documents are uploaded into the incorrect type they will not be considered when assessing your application. Remember it is quality, not quantity, which you need to provide. Aim to provide documents which are current, relevant and concise.

Scholarship Application Portal document type:

Choose the DUSA International Student Success Scholarship only - all supporting documentation option.

How to apply

Apply directly to Deakin

You can apply for this scholarship directly to Deakin through our Scholarship Application Portal.

Apply for this scholarship

The scholarship application process is highly competitive with a limited number of scholarships available. Unfortunately, not all eligible applicants will receive one.

What happens next?

Your application will be assessed and ranked based on the details you provide and your supporting documentation.

You'll find out if you were successful usually within six weeks of the application closing date with items dispensed prior to the start of Trimester 1 2024. You can see the status of your application via your Scholarship Application Portal account.

Next offering period

This scholarship is yet to be confirmed for any future offering periods. Please check back at this page at a later date for any updates.