Professional Practice degrees

Deakin's Professional Practice degrees offer professionals an innovative approach to earning a postgraduate degree while they work – saving them both time and money.

If you're a professional with extensive experience and knowledge in your field, a Professional Practice degree can help you gain a professionally recognised qualification which, in turn, can lead to you furthering your career.

Who are Professional Practice degrees for?

Professional Practice degrees are designed for experienced professionals who are looking for formal recognition of the extensive experience, skills and knowledge they've gained through their line of work. These professionals may either have no formal qualifications, or an undergraduate degree that's no longer relevant to their field of practice.

Advance your career with a Professional Practice degree

Deakin's Master of Professional Practice degrees are the first of their kind for experienced professionals looking for an innovative and flexible way to gain a master's degree.

How do these degrees work?

Delivered as flexible online programs, Professional Practice degrees are ideally suited to the busy professional.

Students undertaking Professional Practice courses gain their degree through a combination of Professional Practice credentialing and coursework units. These include:

  • introductory units that provide you with the insight, knowledge and tools to complete the qualification
  • successful attainment of Professional Practice credentials by providing portfolio evidence of specific course learning outcomes at the required level
  • a capstone unit where you complete a professional project that demonstrates your expertise and contributes to your field in a meaningful way.

You'll receive Deakin-certified credentials to bolster your professional profile and give your employer, and future employers, confidence that you have a globally recognised set of skills.

Nick Patterson

Course Director, Master of Information Technology Leadership

Choose a Professional Practice degree

Find out more about Deakin's Professional Practice degrees that are available now, as well as those that we'll be launching soon.

Master of Leadership

Designed for experienced professionals who've completed the Graduate Certificate of Leadership, or who meet the additional entry requirements for this course.

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Graduate Certificate of Leadership

Suitable for professionals who'd like to build on their leadership skills and apply their knowledge straightaway in the workplace.

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Master of Digital Learning Leadership

The course will suit those working in the fields of digital learning and emerging technologies who seek recognition for their prior learning, skills, demonstrated expertise and extensive experience.

Learn more about the Master of Digital Learning Leadership

Graduate Certificate of Digital Learning Leadership

The course offers professional educators a validated, practice-based model of learning that will match developing capabilities in digital learning with opportunities for career development in the field.

Learn more about the Graduate Certificate of Digital Learning Leadership

Deakin's postgraduate course guide 2021

Explore our Professional Practice courses using our comprehensive postgraduate course guide.

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Professional Practice credentials

Deakin’s Professional Practice credentials offer a new way to recognise the skills and knowledge you’ve developed through learning, work and experience. Credentials are offered at five levels and are suited to a range of professionals, from those early in their career to those with significant experience.

Find out more about our Professional Practice credentials