Your credit for prior learning result

We've worked out that with your previous study, you may be able to complete your course in less time than usual. While this is exciting news, please bear in mind that these results are only a guide. We'll need to conduct a more detailed review of your circumstances when you enrol.

How to apply for recognition of prior learning

  1. Complete the online RPL application form.

    If you need advice, speak to a course adviser
    Find course adviser details

  2. Submit your application when you apply for your course.

    You also need to provide all of the following:

    • A certified copy of your academic transcript
    • A key to results
    • Details of the course structure and credit point weightings from your previous institution's handbook (or website)
    • If you're hoping to apply credit to a specific unit, you'll need to provide the unit outline/syllabus from your previous institution, including assessment requirements and credit point weighting of units