Elite Athlete and Performers Adjustment Scheme

Deakin will give consideration to applicants where they are Elite Athletes or Performers. Submit this form at the same time as your course application.

For consideration in the VTAC November round, submit by 10 October (5pm).

For consideration in subsequent VTAC rounds, submit by 29 November (5pm).

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Personal details
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Sporting details
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Statement of support

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In order to assist with the consideration of this application, please provide a supporting statement from your sport's national (or state) governing body to endorse your status as an elite athlete or performer. You may also wish to attach a brief sporting curriculum vitae, along with any evidence of team selection information and rankings.

Supporting evidence

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Deakin University is collecting your personal information on this form for the primary purpose of consideration of your course applications and consideration as an Elite Athlete and Performer.

You are not required to provide the information requested, however if the information is not provided, Deakin may not be able to give consideration to your status as an Elite Athlete or Performer as part of your course application.

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