Deakin Digital Design and Engineering Centre (3DEC)

The Deakin Digital Design and Engineering Centre (3DEC) was established to lead the way in creating holistic, product-focused digital, design and engineering solutions for industry and the wider world.
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About 3DEC

Major industrial revolutions have built the foundations of the modern age.  These revolutions transformed economies, but also societies, with centralised manufacturing creating high density cities, and changed working conditions across the economy.  At this time, another major industrial revolution is underway, with information technology at its centre.  Industry 4.0 is an information revolution, where digital transformation is gaining pace.  Smart sensors enable the tracking and data monitoring of a myriad of interconnected products and services, whilst the cloud, analytics and artificial intelligence combines with rapid processing power allows for real-time communication across networks.

Deakin’s Digital Design and Engineering Centre (3DEC) responds to this digital disruption by combining design and engineering innovation, with cutting-edge digital fabrication and sensor technology expertise. This collaboration is based on three core values:

  1. Integrating multi-disciplinary ingenuity
  2. people-centred solutions
  3. improving social, economic and environmental outcomes through digital technology innovations

Our key challenges

We provide a multi-disciplinary set of capabilities for three areas relevant to Australia:

Health and society

Discover how we're creating modern healthcare interventions powered by digital technology and additive manufacturing.


3DEC's manufacturing team develops people-centred solutions for the manufacturing industry using advanced manufacturing knowledge and process monitoring.


By harnessing emerging digital technologies, we're unlocking design solutions for structural components while ensuring safe and efficient operations of infrastructure systems.

Our research labs

Led by world-class researchers and and powered by state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, our labs are dedicated to furthering our research strengths. Our research strengths span a broad range of emerging areas, from cyber-human-physical systems and 4D printing, to metal additive manufacturing and particle engineering.

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Simulation Lab
  • Smart Sensors Lab
  • Smart Materials Lab
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing Lab
  • Computational Structures Lab
  • Infrastructure Futures Lab
  • Virtual Reality Training and Simulation Research Lab
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes Lab
  • 4D Printing Lab

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If you'd like to study with us, collaborate with us, or learn more about our research, we'd love to hear from you.

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