Deakin Digital Design and Engineering Centre

Leading the way in digital design and engineering solutions

The Deakin Digital Design and Engineering Centre (3DEC) focuses on integrating 3D digital technologies, developing innovative applications and using engineering technologies to improve outcomes for the community.

Established in 2017, the Deakin Digital Design and Engineering Centre integrates existing multi-disciplinary design and engineering research and development ingenuities in civil, mechanical, electronics, environmental, renewable energy, electrical and electronics engineering disciplines.

Our research areas

Our research focus spans a broad range of emerging areas, from cyber-human-physical systems and 4D printing, to metal additive manufacturing and particle engineering.

Health and society

Improve physical health and emotional wellbeing by sensing and tracking technology for diagnostic, preventative, training and rehabilitation applications, and 3D printing for the design and fabrication of personalised products.


Design structural components using digital technologies at a micro level and at a macro level for ensuring safe and efficient operation of infrastructure systems through modelling and smart monitoring.


Enhance lean manufacturing to increase productivity and competitiveness, working with sensors, material behaviour modelling, process simulation and virtual and augmented reality for training.

Help us create engineering solutions

Work on design, digital and engineering solutions to help advance the health, infrastructure and manufacturing industries which are vital for Australia’s future. The 3DEC teams works with manufacturers, industry and government organisations to deliver innovative, transformative solutions for a digital era.

Our facilities

Our facilities

Led by world-class researchers and powered by state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, our labs are dedicated to furthering our research strengths.

Our research labs

We have nine research labs – get a glimpse into the disruptive design, digital and engineering solutions our teams are developing.

    • 4D Printing Lab
    • Advanced Manufacturing and Simulation Lab
    • Computational Structures Lab
    • Design for Additive Manufacturing Lab
    • Infrastructure Futures Lab
    • Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes Lab
    • Smart Materials Lab
    • Smart Sensors Lab
    • Virtual Reality Training and Simulation Research Lab.

Our projects

Together with industry, government and community groups, we've worked on many projects since 2017, including:

  • developing a wireless motion capture device the size of a matchbox, initially designed to assist with rehabilitation therapy.
  • using 3D digitisation technologies and virtual reality to archive and communicate the history of opera in Australia.
  • partnering with renewable energy developer ACCIONA to create a virtual reality tool that will help members of the public experience new wind farms before they are built.
  • developing an athletic tri-suit with industry partners HeiQ and REGNA.
  • designing a North Geelong park that will use a new type of reinforced concrete that doesn't need any maintenance.
  • celebrating Lewis Bandt's vehicle in 3D with our CADET VR Lab.
  • investigating Australian-made Cross Laminated Timber, an innovative and environmentally friendly construction material.
  • discovering how ground recycled or waste glass can be used instead of sand when making polymer concrete.

Contact us

If you'd like to learn more about our projects, connect with our researchers or discuss partnership opportunities, we'd love to hear from you.

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