Digital transformation for health and society

We are creating healthcare interventions enabled by digital technology and additive manufacturing (3D printing) for the 21st century.

We're empowering health and society

Utilising action research, scientific and design methods, 3DEC strives to improve and maintain physical health and emotional wellbeing against emerging healthcare challenges.

Our collaborative process and technological capabilities allow for new opportunities and interactions, maintaining connections between people and place, and enhancing physical and economic independence.

The processes employed are supported by cutting edge digital communication and tracking technology including sensing technologies and VR, digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing (additive manufacturing), scanning technology for advanced design, and interaction applications and integrated digital systems management.

We're multidisciplinary

Our 3DEC Digital Transformations for Health team work across sensing and tracking technology for diagnostic, preventative, training and rehabilitation applications, and additive manufacturing (3D printing) for the design and fabrication of personalised products. Person-centred design and engineering are integrated for digitally enabled solutions for product service systems developed for active healthcare interventions.

3DEC digital transformations for health

Collaborate with us

The 3DEC team builds partnerships with healthcare stakeholders, industry and government organisations to deliver innovative, transformative healthcare solutions for a digital era.

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