Digital transformation for infrastructure

We use digital technologies at a micro level for designing structural components, as well as at a macro level for ensuring safe and efficient operation of infrastructure systems through modelling and smart monitoring.

We're empowering infrastructure

Rapid advancement in digital technologies are changing out perspective on infrastructure design, systems modelling, monitoring and making timely decisions for safe and efficient operating environment of infrastructures.

We're multidisciplinary

3DEC researchers are using advanced digital technologies primarily in the following three aspects:

  • Structural engineers are using advanced simulation for reverse engineering in combination with additive manufacturing to design efficient components for various structural applications.
  • Infrastructure systems modelling aimed at incorporating social, environmental, economic and political dimensions to understand how infrastructure system decision-making influences other systems.
  • Structural health monitoring is becoming an integral part of all the big infrastructure projects which are expensive to build and have longer design life. Accordingly, real-time health monitoring along is essential to identify structural damage instantly during their long design life to ensure safety.

3DEC digital transformations for infrastructure

Collaborate with us

The 3DEC team builds partnerships with manufacturers, large industry and government organisations to deliver innovative, transformative infrastructure solutions for a digital era.

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